How Robot Used?

As we know that technology is developing rapidly. Almost in one year we can find new technology being introduces to the public. The basic function of technology is to help the activities done by human so they will become easier and have maximum result. One of the technologies that have been developed is robotics.

What’s on your mind if you hear the word robot? Is it a human like mechanical thing that can do human things? Well that’s not the wrong answer but not the correct answer also. Robot has become the part human life not in the shape of human like. In industry especially in automotive industry robot has been widely used to attach the parts of the car and it does not have human like shape.

Pre-programmed robot can only do several things according to the program, and this kind of robot that used in many industries. The using of robots will reduce the labor cost that has the most part in production expense. This is one way to bring the price of automotive products as low as possible. It is according to the purpose of technology which is to help human in doing their activities and bring maximum result.
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