Robotic Arm based 8051 Microcontroller

Robotic arm has become popular in the robotic world. The essential part of the robotic arm is a programmable microcontroller based brick capable of driving basically three stepper motors design to form an anthropomorphic structure. The first design was for experimental use on a human size industrial robot arm called PUMA 560 used to explore issues in versatile objects handling and compliance control in grasp actions. The interfacing method of the robotic arm stepper motors with the programmed 8051 based microcontroller which is used to control the robot operations. We have employed the assembly language in programming of microcontroller. A sample robot which can grab and release small objects is built for demonstrating this method.

Taking a look at the history of robot development, a special kind of human size industrial robotic arm called programmable Universal machine for Assembly (PUMA) came into existence. This robot type is often term anthropomorphic because of the similarities between its structure and the human arm. The individual joints are named after their counterparts of human arm. It is worth noting that in our work, the hand is magnetic and not a generalized manipulator. Manipulation is the function of the arm in the proper sense of the world. The function of the arm is to orient and position the hand, act as a mechanical connection and power and sensing transmission link between the hand and the main body of the person. The full functional meaning of the arm rests in the hand. The working provides important elements that are required to build a simple robotic arm of very high quality.

As stated earlier it is making use of the 8051 based microcontroller. The 8051’s instruction set is optimized for one bit operations that are often desired in real world, real time operations. The primary objective is to make the robotic arm, which comprises of three stepper motors, to interface with the Intel 8051 based microcontroller. It has larger memory to store many programs and provides more interfaces to the outside world.

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