What is the Difference between Robot and Human?

We all known that robot is the most practical tool for human tasks. By robot, a person will be able to finish her or his task easily. A robot can do some difficult task even human difficult to do it. At here, we realize that the best solution for us when we have been given a difficult task to do, we can submit all of our difficult tasks to a robot. Therefore, the main question here is why robot can do all of this? Does it mean a robot is better than a human is?

Technically, a robot works with some programs. The robot creators have added these programs when they are creating this robot. Therefore, we can take a result that a robot will not do any others tasks out of their base program. This makes the robots work more constant than we do because they will never think to do other activities instead their program. For example, if a robot have programmed to cleaning the floor, then it will only do this job continuously and constantly unless we turn of the machine or we change its program.

This will be some advantages of a robot between human do. Human will not stand to do a job continuously along day because they have mind and emotion, they also have sense, and so they will feel tired and bore when they have to do a job constantly along day.

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