Uses of Robots in the Workplace

A robot is a machine in form of human or ascribes of human or, which contains automatic device that performs function. Back to the old time, the ‘robot’ word is first used from a Czech playright named Karel Capek (1890-1938), taken from the Czech word means forced labor or serf. Then the word of robotic was used in a short story published in 1942 by Isaac Asimov. And also a robotic character called Eliza – a robot that has a program to study language communication between human and machine, was born in 1966 by Professor Joseph Weizenbaum Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And in 1956 an entrepreneur and inventor Georg C. Devol and an engineer Josefh F. Engelberger have worked together in making the character of robotic published by Asimov develop into a real working robot. They named this robot with the nickname: “Unimate”. With this new invention people around the world are informed of the several of the uses of robots in the workplace.

In present time robots has go into a wide development and innovation for real life needs. In many sectors robot are used. For example robotics does play an important role in automobile manufacturing. It can give effect of the cycle time of producing vehicle. Automobile manufacture can take big advantages from robotics such as for the improvement of productivity, ergonomics, flexibility and scalability improvement, improvement of the quality and to reduce cost of production in the long term. These are the uses of robots in the workplace nowadays.

Knowing of how the huge advantages that robot can give to many sectors of industries, create the higher demand of improving, and innovating robots time to time. Uses of robots in the workplace are also giving the side effect from it. Which means human source is become less to be employed. This is in some developing countries considered to be a big problem. Because the more robots are hired the fewer employees needed. This will give the effect of the raising number of unemployment rate.

Robots in Industrial Automation

If we have a company, of course we will be happy to develop our company. We struggle very hard to keep the existence of our company. Therefore, we should be able to see every opportunity around us that we can use to develop our company. We can actually take advantage of the development of industrial robots to develop our company.

One way that we can do is by developing robots for industrial automation. We may believe it or not that using robots in industrial automation gives many benefits for our company. First, it will reduce the costs to pay some workers because the robots have replaced their jobs. Then, the robots can work 24 hours because they will not feel so tired. It means that we can optimize the robots to work efficiently. Next, many companies use robots in industrial automation because of workplace safety. We can imagine that it will be very dangerous if human beings that do the jobs.

One more thing that we can get by using robots in industrial automation is the quality of the products. I am sure that the products quality will be better if they are made by the robots. So, we can see that having robots in industrial automation is very helpful.

History of Industrial Robots

Living in the modern era gives us opportunities to do our works using some modern technologies. We have known that nowadays technology has been developed very well. There are many smart and creative people who try to develop technology to help people finish their works. Therefore, we should be happy to live in this modern era with complete modern technologies around us.

I am sure that the term “robot” has been well-known by many people. We sometimes say that robots are the replica of human beings, especially industrial robots. Then, do you know that industrial robots have long history? There are many versions that we can find to describe the history of industrial robots. However, some of them say that robots firstly were only described in a short story. Then, it is described in a novel entitled “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly. Then, a drama entitled “RUR” brought the term “robot” into the society.

After that, many people tried to manufacture robots and one of them was for industry. They wanted to find the best way to finish their work without spending too much time and energy. Finally, there are manufactured so many industrial robots until now. Day by day, the industrial robots are manufactured in various types depend on their functions.

Industrial Robots Information

Nowadays, many companies have been bankrupt. They cannot be able to compete with other companies anymore. As the result, they have to retire a lot of employees. So, there will be a lot of unemployed in the world. If we have a company, of course we want to keep the existence of our company, right? Therefore, we should work hard and see every single chance in order to develop our company.

Nowadays, we can use industrial robots to develop our companies. You may not familiar with the industrial robots. Now, I will give you some industrial robots information which may be useful for you and your company. First, when someone wants to make an industrial robot, they start it with the robot’s design. He has to design the robot so that they can prepare the materials and also budget. Then, we should prepare the materials that we need based on the design that we have made. The materials will also influence the specifications of the industrial robots.

We should also know that people make industrial robots by considering the functions of the robots. Many robots are made for different purposes. After the people make industrial robots, they offer the robots to their customers. If you want also buy industrial robots, you can buy them in many companies.

Advantages of Industrial Robots

If we have a company, of course we do not want that our company becomes bankrupt. So, we should work very hard in order to develop our company. We should be creative to take advantage from every chance that we find. We should be able to use the technology to develop our company. One way that we can do to develop our company is by using industrial robots.

Nowadays, many companies manufacture industrial robots to help other people do their jobs. They compete with other companies to manufacture robots. That is one chance that we should take in order to develop our company. We should know that there are many advantages of industrial robots. First, our company can work 24 hours using the industrial robots. It is because the robots will not feel exhausted. Besides, they do not need food and drink so they can work in the whole day.

Then, the industrial robots will tend to work well. They have been set to work based on their skill. It will make the result of their jobs will tend to be maximal. Next, if we use industrial robots in our company, we do not need many workers anymore. It means that we do not need to spend our money as our workers’ salary. It is very interesting, right?

Mobile Robots Inspiration to Implementation

Nowadays, robots are started to be utilized in our daily life. There are many robots that can help us to work in a place that human being is not able to. Several decades ago people are only able to imagine that we are able to build perfect humanoid robots to help our work. Hollywood even already portrayed that imagination through the star wars movie.

There are many robots that are used by several government organizations to help them on their daily activities. Police departments for example, they are using a mobile robots to help them in defusing bombs threat. Using this robot, police officer are able to defuse bombs from a far, thus the officer life is not in danger. There is also a robot that is created to travel in the other planet. NASA is already making a robot that send to mars surface to collect, and relay some images and also data to earth. Military are also using this kind of robots for their activities.

In short there are many kinds of robots that are able to help us in our daily basis life. We are only hopes that these mobile robots are used for better purposes in improving the quality of human life.

Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots

Robots are already known and also help us in every aspect of our life. We are often found autonomous mobile robots in public places or even in the museum. The autonomous mobile robot are often equipped with the artificial intelligent that will make the robot to deal with the possible challenges they will face.

Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robot are emphasizing in the robotics ability to move. There is autonomous mobile robot that is designed to walk the mars surface. Sea is a place that rarely visited by human, while space is already mapped even to the farthest planet but sea are not fully explored. Therefore is a robot that can walk in the depth of the ocean to view what it is like is needed and probably already constructed. In the forestry for example, there is an autonomous mobile robots that can help us to move around inside the forests easily.

These mobile robots sometimes are operated by themselves or operated by an operator from a quite far place. Autonomous mobile robots are surprisingly can be very much helpful and also live saving devices. Through this new invention of autonomous mobile robots it is also brings a new hope in improving human life worth.

Disadvantages of Industrial Robots

Many people believe that the development of technology has supported their life very much. Most of them say that they can finish their jobs easier and faster when they are using the technology to finish their jobs. However, it is like a natural phenomenon that something which has advantages also has disadvantages. It is also for the development of technology.

One example of the development of technology is robot. Many people use industrial robots to help them finish their jobs. We may believe it or not that using industrial robots also has disadvantages. First, we need to keep and treat the robots very carefully. Otherwise, the robots will be very easy to be broken. Then, since we have to keep the robots when we do not use them, it means that it will spend much time for that. Besides, we will need some people who master in keeping robots. Unfortunately, only few people who can keep the robots well. It means that we will hire some people with high salary.

Next, it will create a phenomenon which fewer jobs for human beings. There are many job fields which are done by robots. As the result, many people will not have jobs since their jobs are replaced by the industrial robots. Those are the disadvantages of using industrial robots.

Future of Humanoid Robots

Talking of robots there is always a new improvements and also new technology that are will be a great advantage to human life. Robots have wide usage in our life. In medication technology for examples, doctors are using robotic arm to help them during a delicate surgery that will need a precise movement and does not tolerate any minor mistakes. Police officers are also using robot technology to help them while conducting life risk job, defusing a bomb for example.

There are many types of robots that are used in our life, but the humanoid form is the one that people are usually talked about. A robot with a human form or we call it humanoid robots probably will become our best friend in the future. Nowadays humanoid robots are able to help people in doing their job. For example there is a robot that is placed inside a museum to guide the visitor around the museum, though the robot are not very much like a human, but it is quite helpful.

Hopefully in the future there are many humanoid robots that are able to make us easier in living our life. It is not impossible that someday in the amusement park there are many robots that are able to help us in maximizing our time in enjoying the fun, or even there will be a police robot that will help a kid who is lost. I prefer to think the best part of a robot can brings us rather than a robot that used as a war machines, though that is probably already become the military plans.

Build Your Own Humanoid Robots

People probably already know about the Terminator movie that shows you how robots from the future are coming into our time in order to change the course of destiny. To have a robot guardian that look so much like human, probably a chance that nobody will miss. Having one of those robots is quite a dream but we now are able to make those robots in our time though not as sophisticated as we see in the movie.

Robots that have a look like human is called humanoid robot, which is usually they have 6 important parts such as head, torso, two legs, and also arms. Nowadays we can make those robots to our like. In the internet there are many guide books that will help you in building your own humanoid robots. Those books are giving the steps and also the part that are used in building your humanoid robots.

Making your own humanoid robot will cost some, but it is worth to be learned. Nobody said that building a robot would be cheap. Once you are able to have the proper equipment and also the software to make one it is guarantee you will get an addict to build more for your own reasons.

History of Robotic Arms

Most of us that already see robot theme movies are often amazed with the power that those robots has. In the real life, the facts that robotic arm are having such power is not questionable. Robotic arms are widely used in carious kind of fields that require power, precision and also life risking.

Robotics arms are well known for quite long. The robotic arms are usually used in heavy duties work place, such as mining. It is already known that robotic arms are able to move and also lift an object that is human are never be able to lift, such as a giant rocks or a pile of woods. The robotics arms are also used in the medical field. It is used in the surgery that requires steady arm and also requires precise measurements. In the factory Robotic arms are used to assemble various kinds of products such as vehicles to the delicate thing such as motherboard for PC.

In short the robotic arms have many advantages such as very precise, they are able to reduce the labor cost, improving work condition, reduce material wastage, and also improve the outcomes. With all the advantages that it posses we should be wise in using those robotic arms to the fullest without compromising anything.
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