Hardware Used in a Robot

Just like human needs the body and the soul to be able to live, robots also need software and hardware to be able to do their function. The software serves as the soul where the program or command stored and hardware serves as the body by which they can contact with other things with it.

There are many types of hardware that can be attached to a robot according to the function of the robot because different hardware will give different movement and ability to a robot. The examples of hardware for robots are like motors, driving mechanism and power supply. The last thing, the power supply is the most important thing because it’s the main source of the energy of the robot.

There are three main types of hardware under the category of driving mechanism. They are gears and chains, pulleys and belts and also gearboxes. The main function of the gears and chains is to transmit the rotary movement from one place to another, and there is also possibility to change the speed or the direction of the movement during the transmitting process. While pulleys and belts also have the same function with gears and chains but pulleys have shape like wheels that have groove shape around their edges.

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