Uses of Robots in the Workplace

A robot is a machine in form of human or ascribes of human or, which contains automatic device that performs function. Back to the old time, the ‘robot’ word is first used from a Czech playright named Karel Capek (1890-1938), taken from the Czech word means forced labor or serf. Then the word of robotic was used in a short story published in 1942 by Isaac Asimov. And also a robotic character called Eliza – a robot that has a program to study language communication between human and machine, was born in 1966 by Professor Joseph Weizenbaum Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And in 1956 an entrepreneur and inventor Georg C. Devol and an engineer Josefh F. Engelberger have worked together in making the character of robotic published by Asimov develop into a real working robot. They named this robot with the nickname: “Unimate”. With this new invention people around the world are informed of the several of the uses of robots in the workplace.

In present time robots has go into a wide development and innovation for real life needs. In many sectors robot are used. For example robotics does play an important role in automobile manufacturing. It can give effect of the cycle time of producing vehicle. Automobile manufacture can take big advantages from robotics such as for the improvement of productivity, ergonomics, flexibility and scalability improvement, improvement of the quality and to reduce cost of production in the long term. These are the uses of robots in the workplace nowadays.

Knowing of how the huge advantages that robot can give to many sectors of industries, create the higher demand of improving, and innovating robots time to time. Uses of robots in the workplace are also giving the side effect from it. Which means human source is become less to be employed. This is in some developing countries considered to be a big problem. Because the more robots are hired the fewer employees needed. This will give the effect of the raising number of unemployment rate.

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