Disadvantages of Industrial Robots

Many people believe that the development of technology has supported their life very much. Most of them say that they can finish their jobs easier and faster when they are using the technology to finish their jobs. However, it is like a natural phenomenon that something which has advantages also has disadvantages. It is also for the development of technology.

One example of the development of technology is robot. Many people use industrial robots to help them finish their jobs. We may believe it or not that using industrial robots also has disadvantages. First, we need to keep and treat the robots very carefully. Otherwise, the robots will be very easy to be broken. Then, since we have to keep the robots when we do not use them, it means that it will spend much time for that. Besides, we will need some people who master in keeping robots. Unfortunately, only few people who can keep the robots well. It means that we will hire some people with high salary.

Next, it will create a phenomenon which fewer jobs for human beings. There are many job fields which are done by robots. As the result, many people will not have jobs since their jobs are replaced by the industrial robots. Those are the disadvantages of using industrial robots.

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