Definition and Function of Robot

What is the most important thing that you will choose if there will be one thing that you can choose to be used among all kinds of products that shows the latest results from technology? Well, if your answer is computer and all of its complete component and program, it is a very reasonable answer. Why? Because with a computer, and especially if connected with the internet access that can open our self to the whole world through virtual experience.

However, besides the internet, there is also many other achievements that have been attained by technology. This is called as the robot. There are many interesting things that can be related with it. But, firstly you might want to know the definition of a robot. Though there is no single definition for robot, generally it refers to a mechanical machine whose power is obtained from electricity and its activity is programmed electronically to do the task on its own.

Generally, there are two main functions of robot. The first one is for general purpose while the second one is for certain dedication. Besides the functions, people usually have concepts abut a robot to have some capability that tries to become more like human being.

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