Robotics Introduction : Robot Basics You Should Know

The construction of a robot is neither easy nor difficult either. Before moving on to a further step, every beginner should come to the robotics introduction level first. The best strategy is to use as many off the shelf items as possible. As your confidence and skill level grow, you can design and build your own components. In addition, as you work with different materials, such as wood, plastic, and metal, you will learn the properties of each and how you can use them in your own robot designs.

In a robotics introduction level, you can build a remote-controlled robot. It is a very simple motorized wheel done by assembling the motor from a toy car and making the body taken out of a toy car and made bodies out of poster board and construction paper. It is very exciting to design and build such small project for your robotics introduction. In fact, this activity will definitely teach you a valuable thing about what to construct at a low price.

If you are a newbie on robot building, you are likely have to read the robotics introduction. In fact, you should try one of the paper robots building since it is so easy for you to do and you will definitely find lots of fun in doing it. A remote control system, a motorized base, a power supply as well as body are the four essential subsystems of a robot whether it made of paper, wood or metal

1. Remote control system:
The ability to remotely control your robot is a big part of its appeal. The two types of remote control are wired and wireless. For robotics introduction, however, wired remote control system is the best system to start out with.

2. Motorized base:
It is the motor driven wheels. This is where many robot builders face the most problem. To solve this problem you should buy motorized wheel units. These units already have a motor mounted to drive wheel and usually assembly is in a frame you can modify to attach to your base. You can buy it on a supplier. Another good source is children's ride-on toys. They already have the motors and wheels mounted to a frame. You can use it or removed and mounted on your robot base.

3. Power supply:
In robotics introduction, how to power a robot is another area where the beginning robot builder can experience difficulty. You will find that different systems have different power needs. The simplest is use rechargeable batteries to power each of these systems.

4. Body:
One of the key point to keep in mind while designing body is what will you build your robot out of? In robotics introduction this can be particularly vital. What materials are you familiar with is first question. Then do you have a tool to work with a certain material, how much does it cost, how much weight. You have asked yourself to all these questions.

Robotics Tutorials : Vital Components of a Robot

In recent decade robots have captured the interest of more and more people. As interest in robots grew, there are a couple of numbers of robotics tutorials showing how to build robots began to appear. These robotics tutorials come in various kinds of types, based on its market. Today you can build a robot just by following the instruction on robotics tutorials even though you do not have any kind of experience on building a robot. The author of robotics tutorial has customized it based on your skill level. So, do not worry if you are a beginner. You still can build your imaginary robot provided you can get its tutorial. All you need is a desire to build a robot and use a bit of your imagination.

As an introduction of robotics tutorials you should know the big picture of how to build a robot. A big picture or concept is a complete circuit so a robot is going to live. In this article, you are going to find two main part of a robot. Just like a computer, it needs a hardware and software. So in building a robot, you need two important things:

1. Hardware. It may include items as follows:
a. Robot brains
Just like a human or a computer, a robot needs a part that has a thinking function. It allows a robot follows the instructions and rules.
b. Motor base
Motors are one of the most common methods used to move around. Unfortunately, in robotics tutorials, it can be the most difficult subsystem to design and build instead of designing the robot and fitting the motor base to your design and build the base first and then fit your robot body to it.
c. Sensor
Robots need a help to understand their surrounding, so they need a tool that can catch what's happening. There are two kinds of sensor bump sensor and light sensor.
d. Bodywork
If you are a beginner, and it is time for you on reading robotics tutorials the simplest way is buying a strong plastic chases that are an ideal base for most projects. However, if you want to have great imagination, so hit the garage. Find something scraps and get building. Some people say that another good material is Lego brick.

2. Software
The most common basic on programming is using the basic micro controller. Do not worry if you have never programmed before. It will help you on your robotics tutorials. Programming is necessary to make machines that can work by themselves, without human interventions. It lets you tell it what to do.

However, before thinking any further about the concept of your robot and choose which robotics tutorials to choose, you have to answer the first question on the purpose of building your own robot, “what does it do”. It is a starting point so you can determine hardware and software what you need.

Humanoid Robotics : the Human Imitation

In the past, we only know robots that looked like a machine. The robots were looked like a combination of iron and wire. Well nowadays, with the contribution of robots in our life and technological development, we can find many robots that look like human. The robot has a head, body, legs, arms, hands, and other parts of human body. Some robots are even having a gender. They are created like men or beautiful women.

This type of robot is usually called as humanoid robotics. Besides it similar physical shape with human, the robots are having various abilities as human such as adapting new situation, recharging its own batteries, avoiding dangerous things, making interaction with human, and many others. Some robots are even having the ability to play with human like playing ping pong.
Humanoid robotics can be said as the most complex robot types because the robots are completed with various components and programs so it can imitate human perfectly.

Humanoid robotics can be used in various fields from research, education, to social help. What make this robot type better than the other are the sensor, control, and planning. With those programs, the robots will be able to act like human.

Robotic Vision : The Innovation of Robotic World

Over decades, most robotic hobbyists or people on the robotic industry are focusing on the physical robot movement only. People focus on the physical movement because it can be use to lighter human’s activities. The robots are programmed to do the same movement over and over again. It can be seen on the factory. Robot is only used to replace human. It works by doing repeated movements.

Well, nowadays, since such kind of robot becomes an ordinary robot, and even a child’s play, then the robotic industry try to make a new innovation by creating robotics vision. Unlike the ancestors that only have physical movement ability; the robotics vision has ability on vision or visual identification. It is completed with camera that works like human’s eyes.

The camera on the robotics vision can identify the color and shape of an object. With the device, the robot seems like it able to think. It can do several reactions to specific object, depend on the robot program. For example, the robot will rotate it head when there is a red object in front of it. This robot type is a development on the robotic industry. It maximizes the usage of robot in our life.

Research Robots in Our Life

Robot is created to help the humans’ task and do some tasks that cannot be done by human or too risky for human such as taking a bomb form a building, entering unknown cave, work non stop for 24 hours, and many others. One crucial robot usage in humans’ life is definitely making a research. United State produced a robot for research purpose in 1988. It was made to support NASA project in outer space.

That time, the research robots were made just like human. It has body, hand, legs and head. Until that era, so many fields were inspired to make robot as the part of the activity. Nowadays, the development of robot is highly increased. Cute robot like Honda Asimo is just one of the proofs. Well, some people do not agree that Honda Asimo is included in research robots category because it does not do the research like what outer space robot do.

Honda Asimo works just like the part of the society. It is made to give a service to human like opening the door, pick up the phone, pushing wheeled chair, and many others. Well no matter what type of Honda Asimo robot is, whether it is included in smart robots or research robots category, the most important is, the robot can give positive contribution to the society.

Promising Careers on Robotic

Engineer is one of the favorite professions for over decades. Nowadays, the profession is developed and since in this modern day we make robot as the part of our life, then we can find engineers that make robotic field as their focus. The engineers are having the role on robot maintenance, design, reparation, development, and may others.

Robot can be used to help most human’s activities in every field. Therefore, careers robotics can be found on various fields like agricultural, education, medical, and many others. The career on robotic becomes a promising career in the future. Let us think logical, in this present day, out life is supported by technology, including robots. I believe that all of us agree that in a couple of years, robot will be one of our major needs in our life.

With the usage of robot in our daily life, then careers robotics will get great opportunity on the society. Careers robotics is not a career that can be underestimated. It needs great skill on the computerized technology, electrical, and it even needs a creativity to make an innovative design. Therefore, for those who are interested in taking engineering as the career, then robotic engineering can be a consideration.

DIY Remote Controlled Robots

The robot car with remote control seems so interesting and tempting, but unfortunately, the price can be so expensive. If we are in budget and want to have a robot car that completed with remote control, then why don’t we try to build our own robot? For us who have ever watched the Transformer, then we can make the robot as our design inspiration. We should never think that we need complicated and expensive components to buy the robot.

To build remote controlled robots, all we need are simple components like chassis, batteries, motors, remote control, and of course wheels. Chassis is the major component for our robot. It becomes the body frame of the robot. Batteries are needed if we are not using the solar energy. Batteries become the main energy supplier for the robot. Other components needed are motors. Motors are the devices that change the electrical energy from batteries to mechanical energy.

Since we want to make remote controlled robots, then remote control is needed. If we have no good electronic skill, then it will be better if we buy remote control on the store. Last, but not least are wheels. The wheels are to replace legs. It can give various movements like front, back and side to side. With those simple devices, remote controlled robots will be in our hands

Buying a Smart Robot

In the past, we see robot as the representation of the sophisticated future. As the time goes by, we do not realize that we are living in the “sophisticated future” that was only in our imagination. Robot is the part of our life. Robot is no longer a big and scary machine that we can only find on the factory, but it can be so cute and adorable and we can put it in our home to build our several tasks.

To buy smart robots for our life, it will be better if we pay attention to these tips. The main tip is always buying a robot that completed with a warranty. Only purchase a robot with at least one year warranty so we will get a technical help if we need some helps. For us who have a budget, we might want to buy a robot from auction or discount store. I believe that this is not a smart way to save our money because we will have a bigger risk on damage in the future. Of course, the damage will cost us more money for the repair.

There are so many used smart robots sold on the internet. Well, it is very difficult to get a used robot with perfect quality. Therefore, used robot is not recommended. When buying smart robots, make sure that we pay attention to the spare part. Make sure that we are given a complete spare part with good condition.

Robot for Education

In this modern day, sometimes we do not realize that we make our life easier by using robot technology. Robot can be used to help us with our simple activity like carrying a stuffs to crucial thing like detecting and moving a bomb. Industry world is the one that often use robot. Almost 90% of the industrial activities are done with robot help. The major usage of robot is for business. Robot is able to do the hard and difficult jobs that are impossible to be done by human. Business industry grabs many benefits from robot usage because it is tireless, cheap, and the company does not have to spend extra money for insurance and salary.

Another field that can take the advantage of using robot is an educational field. With educational robots, teacher can introduce the students on robot and technology. Teacher can also teach the students on how to create a robot. With that way, the students will be able to get new knowledge, explore their idea on creating robot, and even make an innovation.

Nowadays, educational robots are already used for class project. The educational robots are able to develop the students’ hobby and creativity. Competition is already provided as well to stimulate students’ innovation.

One Robot with Various Programs

Simple or complicated robot is no longer dominated by manufactured industry because we can build our own robot as well. If we usually find a robot that is only made for a single purpose or activity, then nowadays, we can create a single robot that can be made for various purposes by changing its program. On the other word, we do not need to change the robot physic, but all we need to do is giving a new command with different software.

The programmable robot kits are usually completed with patters that can be read with an infrared. Since this robot is emphasize its software, then physical aspect is not holding so much role. As long as the robot is having multiple axis that allow various movement, then we all we need to do is changing its program.

Programmable robot kits can be used for any activity. We can create the simple robot body and make various programs for the robot. To make the robot physic so simple, we can complete it with wheels. For the easy programmable robot kits handling, we can create and on- off program so the program is only working when it is needed. Since the project is so easy, we can make it as a project with our kids.

Robotic Arm to Help Our Job

It seems that all people are too lazy to wash the dishes. Even though nowadays we have a dish washing machine, but the activity still make us too lazy to get up from the couch. Isn’t it cool if we have a servant robot that can help us with the dishes and dirty clothes? Well actually it is no longer a fantasy because nowadays we can start to build our own robot to help us with the cleaning or other home works.

Robotic arm kits are the answers. This type of robot is able to imitate human’s arm movement so it will be able to help us finish the home works. The robot has five movement axis and we can control it through the remote control. The robot is able to move its wrist for 120 degrees. It can do several movements like rotating, moving vertically and horizontally, lifting, and many others. Robotic arm kits can be so beneficial to help our job.

Some features that we will need to build our own robotic arm kits are robot body, axes and motors, remote control, LED light, batteries and some others. The robot can be so simple, but it can be quite complicated as well. It depends on our need and skill.

Building a Robot with Our Children

With the development of technology, people are trying imitate the way human move and work with robot. Robot was developed over centuries and nowadays, we can find various types of robot for various usages. Robot can be used for industry need to home need. In this modern day, robot is not only made by big manufacture, but we can crate our own robot, our children can participate to build the robot as well.

Truck robot or simple robot set can be build as a class project or children’s project. Robot kits children like Owi Turbo 300 can be a perfect option for our robot project with our children. If we are hobbyist, then we can try the more advance robot like programmable robot. We can still work on these robot kits children with our teens. For us who have a good understanding about robotic components, then we can challenge our skill with complicated human liked robot. We can try to build a robot with legs and hands that can do several jobs like walking, carrying, and moving an object.

If we are living in an area that receives so much sunlight, we can use the light to build solar robot. This robot is using solar energy as the source of energy. It can be included in robot kits children because it can be made in simple form.

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