ActivMedia PTZ Robotic

The robotic color cameras of ActivMedia Robotics Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) are fully integrated accessories for ActivMedia mobile robots. The PTZ camera systems include the Sony EVI-D30 or the Cannon VC-C4 with custom signal and power cables, mounting hardware, and software for integration on the robot and control through client applications, including ACTS, ARIA, and Saphira.

Power, Signal and Control Cable Installation of PTZ Robotic

Power Cable
Base on the model trend and time to time changing, one end of the camera’s 12VDC power cable plugs into the 12-position latch-lock header on the “legacy” motor-power board, or into the 4-position minifit AUX1 (RADIO) or AUX2 switched power connector on the Pioneer 2-Plus or Pioneer 3 motor-power board. Feed the other end of the cable through the console near the camera, such as through the console port of the DX or AT. Power to the camera is switched through the respective AUX1 (RADIO) or AUX2 pushbutton on the robot’s User-Control side panel for the Pioneer 3 and 2-Plus robots. Another switch on the camera itself may also control power.

PTZ Robotic Camera Software

Your PTZ Robotic Camera assemblies with software support for controlling the pan, tilt, and zoom features of the camera through your ActivMedia robot’s operating system, such as P2OS and AROS. In addition, we provide C- and C++-language-based libraries and source code for integration of the PTZ Robotic Camera with your client applications.
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