Robot, a Hope to Make Our Life Be More Enjoyable

We cannot argue that our technology has growth from year to year, because it has certainly proved. The main actors at the development of our technology are the scientists. The scientists have created many sophisticated tools to help our lives be better than before. They always do research in every time and provide the results of their works to our lives. Of course, we should thank to them for this. We cannot imagine how difficult our live is without the scientists’ helps.

Robot is one of the scientists’ discoveries, which potentially to be the most significant tool for human live. The scientists have expected to make a robot that can do most of human daily activities. The scientists have always tried to improve the ability of robots so that a robot can replace the human position to settle all their work especially at home. All of we have known that we have been busy with our current activities and this will be increase rapidly at the future.

Of course, the numerous of our daily activities will make our household chores are neglected and it will make us feel bad along day. Thinking about this situation that potentially happen to us, the scientists hope that robots could eventually make our lives be more enjoyable.

Should We Need a Robot?

People have been increasingly preoccupied with their daily activities at now. At this time, almost of us have numerous activities and it makes us become very busy and causing us abandon our household frequently. Of course, we will not let this case happens to us. We can imagine how unpleasant this is for us when we came home from our office meanwhile our house is in disarray situation.

Actually, there are several alternative ways to solve problem above. We can use one or more servants to handle it or we can use cleaning service to make our house keep clean and tidy. However, these ways will make us spend our money regularly in every month. With using a robot, we can avoid these expenses. A smart robot can handle many of our household so we just need to spend our money once when we decided to buy a robot and then we can get the benefits forever.

Moreover, robot also able to handle some tasks that people difficult to do. For example, at medical world, a robot is able to do some surgeries more detailed and more accurate than humans do. This sample has proved to us lest human will need the existence of robots to help their tasks in the future.

The Evolution of Robot

When we are talking about robot, it means we have been talking about the most interesting of technology progress at this time. The robots have become a phenomenal idea for people who think about the future. Yes, we can relate the robots with the future because we have seen there are many science fiction films that storied about the future with futuristic and fantastic technology at there include many smart robots that can speak and have skills like a human.

Well, actually, our technology is not so far. The scientists have successfully created several robots, but these robots are only have limited abilities. The robots in the present are only able to do some tasks in accordance with the programs. Therefore, do not imagine them as the smart robots that can speak and move as people can do.

However, the robots abilities at present are potentially to increase with the numbers of research by scientists. The scientists have been trying to improve and complement the programs of robots so that they hope someday the robots can be as smart as human at least. In addition, we can believe that at one time a robot’s ability can imitate and improve the human capabilities in performing their tasks.

How Did People Can Create a Robot?

People have been considering about the usage of robot. As we know that a robot is a machine that able to do some of our tasks by give it some programs and using electricity as its energy. When people were creating robot for the first time, they never thought that someday robots would become a perfect servant for human being. Yes, a robot can do some tasks without any complains as long as we order it according its right program. The robots also will never demand for a payment and will not hate or like to us because they have no mind and emotion. They just only will do everything that has ordered to them.

Technically, the discovery of calculator and computer had begun the discovery of the robots. After these discoveries, people started to think about how to combine the mechanical with the programs in computer. They tried many things to make a tool can be work with some order from computer. Then people efforts began to work with the creation of electric tools and ultimately they can create a semi and full automatic tools.

With some improvements, the scientists have made these semi and full automatic tools easier to use so we can call these tools as the robots at least.

What is the Difference between Robot and Human?

We all known that robot is the most practical tool for human tasks. By robot, a person will be able to finish her or his task easily. A robot can do some difficult task even human difficult to do it. At here, we realize that the best solution for us when we have been given a difficult task to do, we can submit all of our difficult tasks to a robot. Therefore, the main question here is why robot can do all of this? Does it mean a robot is better than a human is?

Technically, a robot works with some programs. The robot creators have added these programs when they are creating this robot. Therefore, we can take a result that a robot will not do any others tasks out of their base program. This makes the robots work more constant than we do because they will never think to do other activities instead their program. For example, if a robot have programmed to cleaning the floor, then it will only do this job continuously and constantly unless we turn of the machine or we change its program.

This will be some advantages of a robot between human do. Human will not stand to do a job continuously along day because they have mind and emotion, they also have sense, and so they will feel tired and bore when they have to do a job constantly along day.

Is a Robot Better Than a Human?

As we know, that robot can do some jobs continuously and constantly along day. Maybe we will ask are the robots better than human? Certainly, if we think about its stability when carrying a task, we ought to say robot is better than human. A robot can stand with a job along day without complain and moaning.

This situation will be different at human. A human will cannot stand of a job along day. Human usually need some break time for relaxation or doing something else beside their job. They also will not use their work time fully, generally human only use their work time 80% maximally. They need to talk with their coworkers or do anything in the sidelines of their work time.

However, there are some significant points that make people still better rather than a robot. People have a sense, but robot does not. The sense will make our jobs or our tasks will be more creative. Therefore, robots cannot do some works that need creativity because they never had this. It also causing the robots will never have a desire and motivation to make their works or their jobs better than before. Absolutely, based on facts above, we can still say that human is better than robots.

What is Exactly the Meaning of Robots for Humans?

If we are thinking about the usage of robots for human, we will agree that the robots are the best tools for human to doing their jobs or their works. Yes, the meaning of robots for humans is only as a device to make our jobs or our works easier than we have to do it by our self. A robot have made for help human to make their works solve easier and faster.

Actually, human can finish their entire task by their self, but in accordance with their destiny, human will always to find the easiest way to get whatever they want. The destiny find the easiest way to make our tasks be easier and faster to do make people continuing to make or create some tools so their works and their tasks can be done effectively. Robots are the greatest invention by human to make their activity be more unlimited. The robots have made people feel they have found the best servant that will do all of their command without any doubts.

However, as well as human in generally, we often forgotten that do our jobs and our tasks by our self will make our ability improve and grow. The existence of robots makes some of us be lazy and do not want to try harder to solve our problem. We often surrender everything to the robots to do it.

Can Robots Replace the Function of Human Existence?

There are many types of robot now. People have created robots for many purposes to make their job easier and faster to do. Certainly, the robots’ existence begins to be significant for human lives. Some of people think that they cannot survive with their jobs without using robots as their tools. This case has been make some of us worried that someday the robots existence will replace human existence.

Well, actually, if we take on this calmly, we will know that the robots are only the tools for human. There are no concerns at all to consider that someday robots will replace of human being. With other words, we can say that presumption about robots will replace the human being is nonsense.

When the scientists have created a robot, they all had known that a robot is only a machine with some metal materials as its raw materials.

Of course, this is different with the human creation. When a human was born, he or she also was equipped with some complex things including the ability to feel, to think, to be angry, and expression. No matter how perfect the robots have created is, they still cannot compete with human even with the stupidest human because the stupidest human still will have a desire but the robots will not have it.

Considering About Robots as Our Assistant

The development of technology and information has been increase rapidly. This makes the competition among us become more stringent because this development makes people have the same opportunity to be the best and get whatever they want. This also makes us have to try hard to reach our goal and all people in the world need to be the smartest, the fastest, and the most competent person to make us can survive along our lives.

At this situation, some of us have imagined how pleased we are when we have a tough and trusted assistant to help us solve all of our tasks in everyday. Perhaps, some of us can get a tough assistant for themselves, but another of us is cannot. However, a tough assistant is not enough for us; we also need a trusted assistant who can keep all of our information tightly.

Is the last statement above difficult for us? Almost of people will answer; yes, it is. Finding a trusted assistant is exactly more difficult than we have to looking for a tough and smart assistant. Well, when you have thought about it, then you have to considering about using robot as our assistant. Of course, it will not happen today. May be it will be happen at five or more years. However, the technological developments have been leading towards it. Therefore, prepare yourself today to welcome the era of robots.

Robots Can Make People Fulfill All of Their Interests

The technological developments have pointed to the creation of robots as human’s device. As we know, that human have many interests in their life. The interests of one person maybe will different with another person. It makes human need some multifunction tools to make them can fulfill all of their needs.

The most important interests of people are about how to fulfill their duties or their tasks quickly and efficiently. Considering about it, the scientists have been trying to create some practical devices for human so they get what they want. In addition, at this era, the scientists have successfully created a device that can accommodate with all people interests. We can call this device as robot.

The robots are the smartest device to make people can finish their tasks and their works effectively today. According of many of people interests, the scientists make many types of robot. The robots specifically made for help people at the difficult or dangerous tasks or as entertainment. People have to considering using robots when they meet some unsolved problem with their task because the robots can work more constant and more accurate than human generally. Therefore, robots can make people lives be more enjoyable and easier than before.

The Development of Robots is Also Dangerous for Our Life

We sometimes agree that the development of technology has supported our life very much. The development of technology enables us to finish our works fast and easy. We should be grateful for it. However, the development of technology is not always good for us. We should be critical to face this phenomenon so that we can avoid bad possibility which may come.

One example that the development of technology is not always good comes from robots. Many people create robots to replace peoples’ risky works. However, there are also some people who use robots to do a job which is actually not too risky to replace people’s work. If we are critical enough, this phenomenon is very dangerous for us. Why we can say like that? It is because if there are many people use robots to work with us, there will be many people also who will be retired from their company. As the result, there will be many unemployed people in this world.

Besides, robots will also lead people to be lazy. There will be no struggle anymore for many people since they can finish their works using robots. They just sit down in a chair while the robots work for them. As a good citizen, we should know this phenomenon that robots can replace all of our works and we will be very lazy, then.

Help Robotics Schools to Get Enough Funds

Nowadays, we can see that many people try to think creatively. They try to make new innovation to finish their works. One innovation that they can do is to create robots. Many people make robots to help people finish their works easier and faster. There are many people who have been successful in making great robots. Some of the robots have won many awards from various robot competitions.

Because robots have been developed very well, it motivates other people to think creatively also to create robots. Then, it leads to a unique phenomenon that people open private school to make robots. The teachers in the school want to share their knowledge so that their students can create more robots to help our works. Unfortunately, the fund from the government for this school is not really enough. It is because in order to make a robot requires much money.

As the result, only people who have much money who can study in the robotics schools. The government is supposed to help the school to get enough funds. The government should see the prospect of robotics schools which may be useful to develop the country. It becomes a proposal for many robotics schools to get enough funds. Then, the obligation of the students is to study seriously to create next great robots.

Using Robots in Our Workplace is Beneficial

Nowadays, there are many people who use robots to help their works. They prefer to choose robots to help them finish their works since robots do not feel tire after they works extra hard for the whole day. It is different from humans. Humans need to take a rest after they work hard. Therefore, many companies buy robots from other companies which provide robots.

We can also use robot in our company. We can choose the robots based on the criteria of the works in our office. If we work in a library, there are provided many robots to help us organize the books in our library. Because of the robots, we will not find difficulty in organizing the library. Then, if we work in a hospital, there are also provided many robots which are able to help us to do operation. The robots will serve us in doing the operation well.

We can also choose other robots to work with us. We can see that the development of robot industry has support us to do our works. Then, although robots will not feel tired after work extra hard, we should still keep them well. If we do not keep them well, they will be easy to be broken. We can learn how to treat robots from many sources.

Create Robot for Fun

People in the world have various hobbies that they usually do. The hobbies are sometimes unique that can be used to earn money. One of unique hobbies that some people have is creating robot. Robot is the result of the development of technology. Robot is created to help people’s works. However, some people create robot only for fun.

Robot is made using unique design and materials, too. When we want to make robot, we should know about mechanic and electrical knowledge. We can start to make it according to the purpose why we make the robot. We should know the function of the robot that is going to be made. It will determine the materials to make it. It requires careful plans in order to create good robot.

The function of the robot will also determine the body of the robot. For example, robot which will be used to work in a restaurant, the body should be not too big and too small. We have to determine the size of the body since the robot will deliver the food to the guests in a restaurant. Although it seems very difficult to do, for some people who choose making robot is their hobby, it will not be too difficult. It is because they do it for fun.

Robots Really Help Us to Do Our Works

The development of technology gives us many advantages. This development enables us to finish our works easily without taking much time. However, we should us the technology wisely. We should also keep the technology well. Otherwise, we will not get the advantages from the development of technology. One example of the results of the development of technology is robot. Many smart people create robot to help people to do their risky activities.

Robot has been developed since 1921 by Karel. He is a writer from Czech Republic. The word robot comes from the word “robota” which means the worker. In 1948, William Grey Walter creates the first electric robot. This robot can give respond to the light. This robot also can make contact with something. Then, in 1954, a digital robot was created by George Devol. This robot can be programmed by someone. After that, people begin to create many other robots.

Following the development of technology, many robots have been created to help people. Now, we can see that there so many robots in hospital, restaurant, library, and many other places. They help people to finish their works. It makes the people can do their works faster and easier. However, we should keep the robots well after they work for us.

Robot and Education

Robot is famous not only for the robotic engineer but also for the common people. Robot has been well known since the first robot movies played on theatre. By watching those movies, people have a vision about what robot will be used the next day and the children have the dream to have a robot for themselves.

Nowadays, in an elementary school, the children are trying to make the simple robot, even in their parent’s garage. This activity is good to motivate the children about inventing the new technology, especially in robot area. In many countries, the students can attend the robotic competition to realize their idea about making a robot. The developing countries have the centre of robot developing which usually has the connection with the college or school.

When they graduate from the senior high school, they can choose the technical college to deepen the knowledge about the basic subject of making a robot. Some scientists believe that the robotic engineer field will grow next day. This area will create a new job field and become a big interest for so many people. That is why parents should teach their children about science as well as motivate them to reach the future.

Behind the Scene of a Robot

Robot, as a wonderful achievement of human civilization, has been improving since years ago. People who work on inventing a robot are very smart person. Those persons are coming from various disciplines. Some people called them as a robotic engineer.

As it stated before, the robotic engineer cannot stand alone from a special discipline. They consist of various persons from any science background. The electrical engineers design the electronic control of a robot, signal control and the power circuit. The structure of a robot includes the movement mechanism, heat transfer and so on, are designed by the mechanical engineering. The software as the soul of a robot and the computing hardware are designed by the computer engineers or software engineers. Those inventions need at least the basic of the mathematics and physics subjects.

The company usually hires the undergraduate students to do these excellent improvements, because the young scientist usually has a great curiosity to invent something new. Still, it needs the interference of the expert technician to teach the new people on understanding how to make the best robot. It will be difficult for the new people to make every detail of a robot and program the smoothest and tiniest motions.

Robot in the Radioactive Area

The development of technology is increasing rapidly. Since years ago people can find so many new technologies being introduced to the public. Those technologies are made of the purpose to make the human’s life easier and get the optimal result. The robotic field is one of such technologies introduced recently.

The purpose of make the human’s life easier is focused on the dangerous and difficult areas for human. One of them is the radioactive area. Earlier, people who work at the radioactive area will get the bad impact especially to their health. Work in a radioactive area will make people easy to suffer a disease, such as cancer. People can also avoid the decontamination of such the radioactive compounds. With the help of robot, the health effect can be minimized and the maximize result can be obtained.

Usually this robot is put to work at the nuclear weapon or nuclear research. Another case, this robot can be employed at the waste area which contain the radioactive compound. The robot’s structure is design specially for handling the radioactive material. The system is carefully engineered with the proper balancing to provide the special movement.

The Undersea Robot

The developed technology which becomes the obsession of many scientists is becoming popular nowadays. It is achieved with the invention of robot. Robot is the programmable device that consists of electronic and mechanic units whose functions is to replace the task of living agent. Many scientists dream that these robots will help the people next day as the assistant, partner or friend.

The undersea robot is a great application to realize that purpose. It is dangerous to work undersea for human. People find some difficulties to about the oxygen, light, movement and the over pressure when they are in underwater. That is why the scientist invents the undersea robot to help human doing the works underwater with special controller which could make the smooth movement.

Those robots are designed mimicking the sea animal, such as lobster, which has the gripping arm and can walk on the bottom of the sea. The robot can grip something rigid for the oil rig necessity. In some countries, the robot is used to do the coral and fish conservation or map the terrain coral on the ocean floor. Those robots have the special sensors, as the depth and light sensor with many scanning sonar and a camera.

Robot as an Astronaut

Since decades, science has led human civilization not only with excellent achievements in human knowledge, but also its capability to make life easier. Robot can be the tool that will help human activities, especially in a dangerous area. Besides the military area, robot can be used at outside the earth as the astronaut.

The robot design is different with the common robot that lives in the earth. The scientists have designed it with the special capabilities. On outside the atmosphere, the robot is designed to support its own weight, as we know that there is no gravity there. The robot is used to identify the surface of the moon and other planets as well. The existing astronaut robot has a car shape which keeps the special wheels to travel on the moon’s surface.

The design is specified for the task capabilities which can be done by some astronauts. The astronauts usually repair the broken hardware outside the earth, such as repair the failed satellite to go into its orbit and clean a block of ice from the vent. The scientists think that it will be better to use the robot do such these tasks instead of getting the replacement astronauts. The robot is equipped with the force, position, torque, tactile and thermal sensors which are connected to the station centre on earth.

The Military Robots

Robot, as the obsession of the scientist and researcher, is going to be a big thing next day. The experts have been improving the technology about this robot. Any improvements are imposed to the robots. The scientists want to make human life easier with the help of many robots, especially in a dangerous area.

One of the concern areas is the military. So many military organizations use the help of some robots to take the risky job which is difficult to be handled manually by human. It takes the job as the assistant of a soldier, but not for the killing job. Usually the military robot utilized with the integrated system, includes video screens, sensors, gripper and cameras. The next military robot will be equipped with the weapon to detect and protect itself from any risky obstacles.

The military robots have many shapes according to the purposes of each robot. The car robot is the most common of military ones. For a witness job, it is a small car or may be usually a tank to enter the target location. Another military robot is the airplane robot. It has the flying capabilities automatically to do the espionage job. Those robots are made of the special material which can resist from such shot or explosion. It is believed that scientists will make the better military robot for the security upgrading.

The Entertainment Robot

Nowadays, the robots are widely produced. Some top companies have produced the robots which can be used by the people as their friend, partner or assistant. Those robots have been well known after some movie producer had created a robot movie years ago. The most favorite robot is the robotic pet which is produced on a grand scale by some companies in order to offer the entertainment to people.

It is being a trend in some developing country that people have the robotic pet instead of the real pet. The companies use the computer algorithm to produce the commercially robot, such as a dog robot. This robot can act like the real animal. It can hear, see, walk and even bark. The company chooses the animal form in order to make the people familiarize with it, especially for the children.

There is also another advantage that the robot can connect to the electronic devices wirelessly to send messages, pictures and sound files. Other entertainment robots have the same action as the robotic pet, such as rolling, walk and talk, although it needs the remote control to adjust the sound. These robots can help the people to do such activities which have the connection with the electronic devices and it can entertain people well.

Acquainted with robot

What probably people think when they hear about robot? Some of them maybe imagine about a human mechanical think like showed in some movies. Some think about the software which actuates those things. But for sure, the existence of robot is used to help the people do the activities. For a common people, it is better to know a few related subjects about the robot.

To make a robot needs a mathematical formulation which calculates about the details of robot, such as the velocity level and position level. The mathematical formulation is combined with the computer algorithm to activate the robot. The motions of each robot are studied in a kinematics subject with so many kinematics applications.

As the main purpose of making a robot, the scientist imagines that the robot will be the next big thing to help people, for example as people’s assistant or bodyguard. Many developing countries have developed so many improvements on making a robot, although the robot market is still focused for the wealthy people. But the public field has used the help of robots for its activities. In a medical field, the surgeon or medical treatment uses the micro robot to help the doctor. People can find the better result in this medical area as well as in other areas.

Some Info on Robot

Internet has astonished so many people even for those who have used it since the first trend of this World Wide Web. Why is that? It is because the network involves so many people that keep on added. With so many people inside the network, there are many creations that are made. Therefore you will never know what you can get from the internet tomorrow; it is because the information or product from other people keeps on added every day.

However, our achievement in technology is not only on the computer. There is also advance progress in the product called as the robot. Robot is the mechanical machine that works with the energy from electricity. Another important aspect of the robot is its possession of artificial intelligence that allows them to receive process and give respond towards the processed data like animated being.

When we talk about a robot, our first impression usually will lead us to refer the robot to have some capacity to influence and sense its environment, show intelligent actions, move about, etc. referring to its function, robot has two main functions. What are they? Their functions are to serve general purpose and to be a dedicated robot for specific purpose.

Robot and Computer

Do you remember the first time you use the product that is related with technology. Well, if you compare it with the situation right now, you might find that there is so much different with the past times. Why? It is because technology’s progress is moving rapidly so that we cannot even predict what will be the next thing that will be offered in the market that we can use to enhance as well as to simplify our life, in other words to make many kinds of activities easier.

From all of the current products, probably the most influencing product is on the computer. However, if you are interested towards robot, this product also achieve so many progress, not only in its appearance that can be seen like real human being, but also on its program that can act more like animated being.

By definition, robot’s source of power is by electricity. It is a mechanical machine that has the artificial intelligence to work on its own. Most people refer a robot as having certain capabilities, for example to have animated mimics (human or animals), influence its environment, move about, showing clever actions, etc. robot can have two main functions, the first one is for general purpose and the second one is for specific purpose that is called as dedication robot.

Mechanic Artificial Intelligence

Technology has shaped our civilization so much that we cannot even know that we already dependent towards it. However, no matter if the dependency will bring god or bad towards us, the euphoria of technology usage occurs right now. It can be seen mostly from our enthusiasm in using the computer, especially if it is already equipped with the internet access so that we will be able to get any information we wan t.

One of the most interesting products from technology is the robot. Though you already saw from the movies and science fiction, do you know that there are so many definitions in it? Or, do you know the main functions of real robot in the real world (outside the fictional stories we watch in TV)? One of the definitions of robot is the mechanical machine that has an artificial intelligence in the form of computerized program to do its own task.

There are two functions of robot. The first function is to serve for general purpose and the second one is for specific purpose known as dedicated robot. Commonly, our impression about robot is its capability to be in motion, manipulate its physical environment, show animated mimics, collect data, process data, respond the processed data, show animated behavior with artificial intelligence, etc.

Robot in Technology Era

Using the internet, people can go anywhere and meet anyone they want, as long as the person with whom he or she wants to have communication with also possesses the internet connection. This is the basic thing that makes most people are very interested in the technology, which is to make life seems easier. Though judging the standard of something hard and easy can be discussed further, we can see that the euphoria in technology is happening right now.

In simple things, we can find the tools that are known as gadget. However, in a more complex product, we can see a genre in technology that is called as robot. What is it, actually? What are its main functions? Though there is no single definition, most people refer a robot as a mechanical machine moved by electricity and guided by electronic program to do the any given task on its own.

In the functions, there are two main uses of it, which are robot for general purpose and the dedication robot for simple and more focused purpose. If seen from its characteristic in the first impression of robot, it has the capacity to manipulate and sense its environment, manage a mechanical limb, move around, mimic the animated being, and show an intelligent behavior.

Robot in Information Era

Computer has astonished human being in its progress and general impacts in civilization. And, seeing from the progress, it seems like people is getting more and more dependent towards the presence of computer. No matter if you look at this condition from bad or good point of view or even both, the fact is nowadays people are celebrating the freedom of information and communication that are allowed by the computer.

However, besides computer, people also have another interest towards the latest result of technology. It is called as robot. When we, as laymen, hear the words robot our first association will be the thing that wants to be seen as us, though unlike us its energy is from electricity. Besides that, it also has the capability to move around, shows intelligent behavior, operate mechanical limb, mimic the humans and animals expressions, and manipulating the environment.

Moreover, robot also has the capability to perceive data from certain materials in certain physical environment. After that, some robot will process the perceived data and give respond towards it. Based on its function, there are two roles of robot. The first one is called as dedicated robot and the second one is the robot with general purpose.

Definition and Function of Robot

What is the most important thing that you will choose if there will be one thing that you can choose to be used among all kinds of products that shows the latest results from technology? Well, if your answer is computer and all of its complete component and program, it is a very reasonable answer. Why? Because with a computer, and especially if connected with the internet access that can open our self to the whole world through virtual experience.

However, besides the internet, there is also many other achievements that have been attained by technology. This is called as the robot. There are many interesting things that can be related with it. But, firstly you might want to know the definition of a robot. Though there is no single definition for robot, generally it refers to a mechanical machine whose power is obtained from electricity and its activity is programmed electronically to do the task on its own.

Generally, there are two main functions of robot. The first one is for general purpose while the second one is for certain dedication. Besides the functions, people usually have concepts abut a robot to have some capability that tries to become more like human being.

Technology and Robot

In this era of technology, the word impossible seems losing its context since we can always believe to the science and technology that there will be solutions in every kinds of need. The latest facility that is offered by the technology is shown mainly by the computer, which is on the World Wide Web that is connected with the internet from every user whose computer has the access for the internet connection. However, still related with programmable matter, besides computer there are many other things that astonish us.

One of the examples of the latest result from technology is the robot. Yes, although one institution from another can define it differently, people have so much interest and curiosity towards it. One of the definitions tells that a robot is a mechanical machine powered by electricity that has the capacity to do the task on its own based on the computerized program as its artificial intelligence.

Based on the common conceptions of robot, it have some characteristics like the capability to show intelligent behavior, move around, show animated mimics of human or animals, operate mechanical limb, and the capacity to manipulate and sense its environment. Besides that, robot also capable in collect data from physical objects and to process it.

Life Saving Robots

Robots are the human technology that appears in many aspects of humanity. They are being applied in large scale industries such as manufacturing and assembling. They are the tools that are used in risky areas of tasking and laboring. In the semi-structured environments such as the undersea and nuclear facilities, the tele-operated robots are being used to replace human from the exposures of dangers.

The technology that saves human lives also exists in medical tasks. In an advanced hospital, a robot aids the surgeon to do a heart surgery to the patient. The robot does the precise and accurate surgery flawlessly. The surgeon’s decision to use the initial surgery by the medical robot is that the robot itself can minimize the risk of exposing the patient towards unnecessary risks of causing more strain to the patient.

This life saving robots is a breakthrough for scientist and engineers to create more robots that can be used in many more areas that expose mankind to hazards. It is important for robotic technology to enhance itself more because it has proved to be very helpful. However, it is more important to remember that robots do not replace humanity. Robot shall not be the life saving technology once it overcomes the humanity.

Robot in Industry

If you are a smoker, does it ever occur to you that the cigarette you are smoking is packed so nicely tidy? Well, most of you would probably know already that the robots that do the job. In the cigarette industries, robots are used to pack the tobacco. Giant machines that work in the factories are indeed robots. They have multi tasking. From doing the laborious work to the delicate task is done by the robots.

Whether you realize it or not, when you are driving your car, the robots have given its contribution in assembling the very car that you have. Heavy duty and risky task in assembling the parts of a vehicle by human labor have been substituted by robots. The machine is programmed to assemble the automotive parts accurately. Thus, the robots use its large arms to assemble the body of the vehicles.

These industrial robots have common similarities. They are heavy and rigid devices that are limited to manufacturing. They are also operating in precisely structured environments and perform single highly repetitive tasks under the preprogrammed control. Therefore, the quality of the industrial products can be controlled because these robots can steadily perform the various dangerous, tedious and tiring tasks which human meet their physical limitation.

Robot and Its Application

When people say robot, it may just be possible that what crosses the mind would be the composition of all metal that comes in the shape of a skeleton-like figurine. The truth is, due to today’s vast technologies, robot does not appear in the shape like what has been described previously. Robot nowadays has the appearance of beautiful air stewardess, maid, and other beauties. More than that, it is not a big surprise anymore when people start to have pet robots that come in the shape and behavior of a cuddly dog.

The technology of robots has been adjusted to accommodate human needs. For example, the pet robot is used to accompany elderly people without the regular errands of grooming and taking care of the pet as what real living animals do. Just recently, a runway model robot made its appearance in Japan’s fashion expo. The beautiful model wore the designer’s wedding gown and did its job as a model. What is needed to sustain the robot’s “life” is the proper maintenance that comes in quite handy compare to what common people may think it is.

It has been an obsession for scientists to achieve things that can make human lives easier. Therefore, they always seek the best for human interest. It is in robots that the scientists and researchers believe that people can be greatly helped in many aspects. Robot can substitute works that highly risky. With its specifically precise programming, robots can do the elaborately accurate tasks.

Computer and the Robot

What will be your answer if you are asked the most important product that is offered during this era of information? If your answer is the product that is offered by the technology in information, it will be the typical answer that is perfectly normal because the fact is people began to be dependent towards this facility that is provided by the computer. As long as you possess a personal computer in your very own home, the next need will be to have the access to the network where other people who are not restricted by the geographical aspect called the World Wide Web.

Beside the internet, there is also another technology that helps us in many aspects of our life, it is related especially towards the replacement of human’s work that requires more safety, willingness to do the hard jobs, precision, and never ending stamina.

There are several important parts that cannot be separated from the robot. What are they? The parts are the effectors, computer, equipment, and sensors. In sensors, there are detectors that are used to sense the objects that will be “learned” by the computer or the artificial intelligence. The detector works by distinguishing certain objects based on their temperature, light, shape, etc.

A robot can be defined as a programmable, self-controlled device consisting of electronic, electrical, or mechanical units. More generally, it is a machine that functions in place of a living agent. Robots are:

effectors - "arms", "legs", "hands", "feet"

sensors - parts that act like senses and can detect objects or things like heat and light and convert the object information into symbols that computers understand

computer - the brain that contains instructions called algorithms to control the robot

equipment - this includes tools and mechanical fixtures.

Robot, the Technology That Works the Unpleasant

There are limitless things that are offered by the world of information nowadays. One of the most important technologies that are offered today is the technology in information. Of course everybody who is familiar with computer already knows this facility that is called as the internet. What can be the other product from technology that people usually interested in? It is the technology that is shown from the electronic device that helps people to do the “unpleasant” activities.

Do you know the technology that is meant above? Well, you must already know about the robot. Yes, robot is the programmable device that consists of electronic and mechanic units whose functions is to replace the task of living agent.

To help the work of a robot, there are some inseparable parts that a robot must possess. What are they? They are the effectors, sensors, computer, and equipment. In the effectors, there are several parts that look like and work relatively the same as the actual human body parts; they are the arms, hands, feet, and legs. Besides that, there is the most important that works like a very simple human brain; this is called as the computer. This part is very important to give respond towards the stimulus that comes from the sensors.

Parts and Functions of a Robot

What do you like the most from all kinds of technology that led the human civilization in this era of information? it will surely not surprising if you enjoy the most the limitless products and services that are provided from the internet, since the more people use it, the more people are exchanging mutual information. However, besides the internet, there is also another technology that is admired by human being for its capacity to do the hard jobs that used to be done by human.

The jobs are usually unpleasant and require safety, stamina in repetition and also precision of each job that are done. This technology is called as robot. Do you know what a robot is? Robot is the programmable electronic and mechanic device that is exploited in place of living agent.

There are some parts that cannot be separated from a robot. The parts are the sensors, effectors, computer, and equipment. In the computer, which is the most important part, there is an artificial brain or artificial intelligence that consists of instructions or algorithms to control the robot under specific situations. The specific situations usually come from the sensor, which consists of the detectors to distinguish different objects based on its shape, light, heat, etc.

Robot in Information Era

For many years science has led human civilization not only with outstanding achievements in human knowledge, but also its capability to make life easier. In what sense that the life is made easier by science? From all of the other aspects, probably it can be seen very clearly from the products that are offered by technology. For example, it can be observed from the technology of information where people can use the limitless facility from the internet since all people can offer what they possess to other people whether it is in the form of material or ideas through this media.

Besides the technology in information there is also another technology that is done by the mechanic that can replace the jobs that usually rejected by human, because it requires the willingness to do the unpleasant, safety, repetition, and precision. This technology is called as robot.

By definition a robot is a programmable electronic device that functions representing a living agent. There are some important parts that cannot be separated from the robot. What are they? They are the effectors, sensors, computer, and equipment. The most important aspect in the robot is the computer which is like the brain in human being, which is called as artificial intelligence in robot.

Robot’s Function and Important Parts

There are so many things that are offered by this era of information. Why is it? It is because information is easily transferred from one place to another so that inventions are not only dominated by certain groups of people in certain geographical as well as community term. That is why most people love to use the facility from the internet. However, besides the technology in information shown by the internet, people also admire the achievement that is done in the industry of robot.

Why? It is because there are so many kinds of activities that are done by the robot that usually needs safety, repetition (stamina), precision, and also unpleasantness that are avoided by human being since the risk will be smaller if all the jobs that are related with those aspects will have lesser risk if they are done by the robot.

The robot, which is the programmable device that functions in lieu of a living agent, has some common parts that usually exist along with it. What are they? They are the equipment, computer, sensors, and effectors. In the effectors, some related parts are the imitation of human body such as the feet, hands, legs, and arms. In the sensors, they consist of detector parts to become aware of certain object based on its shape, color (light), heat, etc.

The Replacement of Living Agent’s Work

What do you like the most when you are asked about your favorite items during this era of information? If what you like the most is the facility that you can get from the internet, it will be not surprising because the fact is almost all people are an active internet when they possess a computer unit or personal computer. After the computer, there is gadget that is in the form of many simple tools, which is usually small, and can give us new products with unique forms and functions.

What about the product that is related with robot? What actually a robot is? Well, generally robot is a machine that is used on behalf of a living agent. In specific definition it is a programmable device that consists of electronic or mechanical units that has the characteristic of self control.

Mostly, there are four main parts in a robot; they are the effectors, sensors, equipment, and computer. The equipment consists of some mechanical fixtures and tools. The computer, which is the main core of the artificial intelligence of a robot, consists of algorithms for given specific instructions. Effectors in robot usually have some imitation of human’s body like feet, arms, hands, and legs.

The Device to Help Human’s Work

In this era of information, there is nothing that can be considered as impossible. All things are made by the technology. So many varieties of our life are determined a lot by this technology, which makes our life simple and easy.

In transportation, there are many new types of vehicles that are safe for the earth since it uses lesser gasoline while reducing the carbon dioxide. In technology of information, the internet provides all kinds of information that we want, in communication cell phones have been shifting our lifestyle, what about the invention in robot?

Well, as you know robots are made in order to help human being to do the jobs that needs repetition, precision, safety, and also willingness to do the unpleasant jobs. There are several parts that are usually equipped in a robot; some of them are the effectors, sensors, computer, and equipment. The effectors consist of feet, arms, legs, and hands. The computer is the artificial intelligence that will make a respond towards given situations that consists of algorithms to control the robot with instructions. What about the sensors? They consist of some parts that act as detector towards certain objects according to the objects’ shape, light, heat, etc. Meanwhile, in the equipment there are mechanical fixtures to help the robot’s specific task.

Software as the Soul of the Robot

Software is used to control the movement of the robot. Software also used to store the program for the robot so then the robot can do its function. Software will give command to the hardware to make certain movement or function and because there are many commands for many hardware made by the software at one time, the robot can be used to do jobs like human do.

There are many types of software that usually used in a robot and they also have different function. One of them is the OROCOS or the Open Robot Control Software. From the name we can tell that this software is open sourced that means no licenses needed in order to use this software. The main reason why this open source software is developed is to open sharable libraries for robot control software that provide many software for many different purpose of robots.

There are three types of this open source software for robot. They are GNU Octave and GNU Scientific Library or GSL. Both software are freely distributed software and used widely in robotics worlds. GNU Octave is high level language used in robotic software, it usually used in solving the numerical computations. GSL is also used to do numerical computations. This is the effort that done to provide more modern, extensive and ANSI C libraries.

Hardware Used in a Robot

Just like human needs the body and the soul to be able to live, robots also need software and hardware to be able to do their function. The software serves as the soul where the program or command stored and hardware serves as the body by which they can contact with other things with it.

There are many types of hardware that can be attached to a robot according to the function of the robot because different hardware will give different movement and ability to a robot. The examples of hardware for robots are like motors, driving mechanism and power supply. The last thing, the power supply is the most important thing because it’s the main source of the energy of the robot.

There are three main types of hardware under the category of driving mechanism. They are gears and chains, pulleys and belts and also gearboxes. The main function of the gears and chains is to transmit the rotary movement from one place to another, and there is also possibility to change the speed or the direction of the movement during the transmitting process. While pulleys and belts also have the same function with gears and chains but pulleys have shape like wheels that have groove shape around their edges.

Motors in a Robot

Just like computers robot needs hardware and software to be able to perform its duty. The software is like the soul for human and the hardware is the body and its part. The software and hardware should work together in good harmony to make sure the robot has smooth and controlled movements.

There are many types of hardware that used in a robot and all types has its own function to support certain function of the robot. Here are some examples of the hardware of the robot. First is motor. Motors are the most common hardware attached in a robot. Its main function is to produce spinning movements. There are 4 main types of motors that can be attached in a robot. They are DC motors, AC motors, stepper motors and servomotors. DC motors and AC motors are the most common type of motors they give simple movement motion to the robot, what makes them different is just the they produce the spinning motion from different type of electric current.

Stepper motors are also quite the same with AC and DC motors, what makes them different is the applying of power to different magnets in the motor, so it will give not just constant speed of spinning motion but different spinning speed movements. Servomotors are the most sophisticated motors among others because if servomotors are simply motors with feedback and gearing systems so if they are given a signal, they will adjust themselves until they match the signal given.
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