Software System of Teleoperation Robot

The proposed teleoperation system is being implemented as a distributed server system using CORBA. The distributed server system contains of an input device server, a stabilizer, a whole body motion generator, and the I/O board of the robot.

The input device server is implemented and constructed on a remote Linux PC. The whole body motion generator and stabilizer are implemented on a real time operating system, ART Linux, on the slave robot board. Motor commands to the I/O board are sent every 5msec, with all the communications and processes between all servers being done within this control cycle.

It has designed a set of joystick operation rules for whole body manipulation and walking pattern generation of the slave humanoid robot. The input device server receives input from the joystick devices and interpret the axis and button conditions of the joystick devices to register them as parameters for target point manipulation and walking pattern generation. The parameter for each walking patterns and target points are described as parameters are registered as zero if there are no joystick inputs. The parameters are being accessed every 5msec by the real time control software on the remote robot for the whole body motions generation. The input device server limits the maximum values of the displacement of the wrists and torso in order to maintain standing stability.

The joint configurations for both legs are generated first in order to realize the target displacement of the orientation and position of the torso for the tasks that do not requires changes in foot position. And then the joint angles for both arms, the head and both hands are calculated based on the target values provided by the input device server.

For instance, the humanoid robot manipulating to pick up a bottle on the floor in front of the robot using its right wrist requires simultaneous manipulations of the torso and the right wrist.

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