ActivMedia PTZ Robotic

The robotic color cameras of ActivMedia Robotics Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) are fully integrated accessories for ActivMedia mobile robots. The PTZ camera systems include the Sony EVI-D30 or the Cannon VC-C4 with custom signal and power cables, mounting hardware, and software for integration on the robot and control through client applications, including ACTS, ARIA, and Saphira.

You can easily add the system to your existing ActivMedia robot. The PTZ camera supplies standard NTSC video, so it can be used for a variety of applications, from simple video surveillance to state-of-the-art vision sensing. The PTZ Robotic Camera software includes C- and a C++-language libraries for use with all distributed ActivMedia Robotics software and your own client applications, and come with source code for custom modifications.

If you ordered the PTZ Robotic Camera with your ActivMedia robot, some items may already be attached:
• Version S: Sony EVI D-30 (NTSC) OR
• Version C: Canon VC-C4 (NTSC)
• Remote Control Handset
• VISCA Control Cable
• Power Cable
• RCA Video Cable
• Mounting Screws
• Camera Manuals

The PTZ Robotic Camera extends and attaches the capabilities of a variety of video and vision systems and applications. For instance, your ActivMedia Robotics PTZ Robotic Camera is approved for use with ActivMedia Color Tracking System (ACTS) software. And either capture and digitize the PTZ camera’s video signal with an onboard framegrabber in your robot’s computer (PTZ Custom Vision), or send it off board with an audio/video (A/V) wireless transmitter to a receiver and framegrabber in a basestation computer for real-time video surveillance (PTZ Surveillance System) as well as for your own vision research. The PTZ Robotic Camera needs some assembly, even if you had ordered it with a new ActivMedia robot.
If your PTZ Robotic Camera assembled with your new ActivMedia robot, the signal, power, and VISCA serial-control cables should be attached and hanging loosely from the robot. They need only to be plugged in. Skip to Mounting the Camera. However, if you bought your PTZ Robotic Camera separately from your robot, you will need to perform a more complicated installation, specifically to attach the signal and power cables inside your robot.

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