Robots won't smash our creativity, they'll enhance it

Automation reduces the time we spend on repetitive, labour-intensive tasks, freeing creatives to create more

When I was a teenager, I had a brief stint in a factory on a summer trip abroad. It was boring, repetitive work. The workers sat on a long bench each performing a small role in assembling some intricate electrical parts. Recently I visited a factory that makes a well-known household brand. There weren’t many people to be seen. The repetitive tasks were performed by robots. Most of the quality control was performed by robots. The brand in question now has as many people involved in marketing the brand as making it.

Automation has changed the role that people play in making and selling the product. Less repetitive work. More time to create differentiating, effective and compelling marketing communications.

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via Robots won't smash our creativity, they'll enhance it

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