So robots will make us their pets? I can’t wait | Rupert Myers

A life of elysian indulgence awaits, if Apple’s prediction comes true about intelligent machines benignly enslaving humans

Steve Wozniak, the Apple co-founder and Silicon Valley legend, has seen the future, and it is good. When processors develop intelligence and the robots take over, we won’t perish on the bloody wastelands of a futile resistance against the machines. Wozniak’s sincere belief is that one day robots will keep us as pets. Ours will be a life of ease and luxury beyond our wildest imagination.

No longer will society require us to schlep from place to place under the pretext of making a meaningful contribution to the evolution of our species. Attaining the status of beloved pet will leave our days free for investigating interesting smells, eating, and most importantly taking spontaneous naps. This will be enough for our cybernetic keepers, who will take over the tedious business of working for a living, in a society that will become ever more obsessed with humans as we take up our rightful place as loving, mischievous companions to technology.

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The obesity crisis will be solved because we'll have to fit through human flaps if we want to go inside and eat or sleep

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