What does it mean to be human in the age of technology?

Meaningful collaboration between people and machines must not subvert human creativity, feeling and questioning over speed, profit and efficiency

When I think about the future of human-machine interactions, two entwined anxieties come to mind.

First, there is the tension between individual and collective existence. Technology connects us to each other as never before, and in doing so makes explicit the degree to which we are defined and anticipated by others: the ways in which our ideas and identities do not simply belong to us, but are part of a larger human ebb and flow.

We think of ourselves as individual, rational minds, and describe our relationships with technology on this basis

The evolutionary pressures surrounding machines are every bit as intense as in nature, and with few of its constraints

We’re handing over more and more of what happens in our world, today, to the speed and efficiency of unthinking deciders

Cutting people out of every loop to assure speed, profit, protection or military success is a poor model for a future

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