Announcing Our New President: Jeevan Kalanithi

We’re excited to announce today that Jeevan Kalanithi was promoted to President of 3DR. Previously Jeevan served as our Chief Product Officer, responsible for our core products and emerging technology divisions. As everyone at 3DR can attest, Jeevan has grown to become much more than just the head of our product group; he is a leader in the company, able to identify, navigate and guide teams through the challenges and opportunities presented to 3DR in the nascent drone industry.

Jeevan will join co-founder and CEO Chris Anderson on 3DR’s board, and Chris’ focus will shift primarily to high-level strategy, public impact and global regulation efforts for the drone industry. This change comes as 3DR doubles down on our commitment to the enterprise drone space in addition to our core consumer Solo product line. As such, the company is expanding in several directions, from our cloud partner ecosystem and enterprise market exploration to exemplary regulatory leadership. With our recent announcement of Site Scan, 3DR is now able to publicly demonstrate its impact in the enterprise space.

Throughout 2016, 3DR will also be consolidating all its U.S. operations to our newly expanded Berkeley, CA, headquarters. Having all departments under the same roof will allow for much more rapid innovation and even better products for our customers. Since first opening our remote Austin office we’d hoped we could eventually bring our team together, and we’re excited to see this become a reality.


More announcements coming soon —we think you will all be excited about the products and features coming from 3DR in the near future.

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