Robots and Manufacturing Automation

Since the last few decades, the role of robots in industry or daily life is increasing. Almost all of high-tech industrial are assisted by a robot. Various forms of robots were created to assist or facilitate human activity. But robots do not imagine is shaped like a robot in the movie. Many industrial robots look just like a mechanical arm. Or a household robot to clean the floor, that looks just like a disc.

More sophisticated and dangerous jobs in an industry the use of robotic tools are inevitable. For example, robotic welding in the automobile industry, robots to locate and destroy landmines, robots in underground mining or oil drilling, as well as robots that work to handle toxic and hazardous chemicals. Scientists say that the varieties of intelligent robots are created to make certain jobs become more human.

It is ironic. It will urge the use of robots for human employment. On the other hand, the utilization of robots is making the work becomes more humane. For example, in car factories since last few decades, more and more welding robot is used to replace humans. As disclosed by Hubert Grosser, head of Public Relations of the Fraunhofer Institute for production engineering and automation in Stuttgart, the car body welding work is not considered humane. Technicians only monotonous and routine work, welding body parts, a complete car body. Every year more intelligent robots developed.


  1. Do you know who is the guy who manage the company, Argon Technology? Apparently his is a young entrepreneur in Western Australia who runs the largest robotic engineering company. Is it true?The man is called Paul Deuchar, so Could anyone tell me more about Paul Deuchar from Perth? I am in the middle of compiling a book about young and inspiring entrepreneur

  2. About the Robotics entrepreneur did you mean Paul Deuchar? He's very famous over here and especially in the industrial sector, if you plan business with him don't hesitate you found the right man


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