FANUC Robotics M-420iA and M-421iA

The M-420iA is a four axis, modular construction, electro servo-driven robot with 40 kg payload and a remote control unit. The M-420iA is designed for variety of high speed manufacturing applications including picking, packing, palletizing, material handling, machine load and unload, and part transfer. FANUC robotics also offers the M-421iA, a two axis variant of the M-420iA. The waist and wrist axes have been removed, making the M-421iA faster and able to handle payload as high as 50Kg.

The M-420iA and M-421iA offer the fastest motion speed in their class, which result in reduced cycle time and improved productivity. The demonstration will highlight the robot’s high speeds, increased flexibility, and cell control compared to typical packaging machinery.

With the four axis M-420iA, up to two motors of servo conveyors or servo hand operations can be connected to the FANUC standard servo amplifier with no additional hardware. The two-axis M-421iA can have four additional motors. Integrating the additional auxiliary servo motors can help simplify the cell by utilizing one controller to run the complete cell. It will also help to reduce system costs by eliminating the need for extra servo control hardware/software. The robots can reach speeds significantly faster than previous generation packaging robots.

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