FANUC Robotics Solution Arm

The M-420iA robot uses FANUC’s V-500iA/2DV vision software to highlight the advantages of using visual line tracking to pick three randomly located parts from a moving conveyor. Visual line tracking provides the flexibility to handle multiple products on the same automation line, eliminating the need for costly fixtures, and reducing changeover time. The M-6iB/2HS robot uses line tracking to pick parts one at a time at high speeds, and place each part into a chute. The parts will drop from the chute back onto the conveyor at random locations and orientations.

FANUC robotics continues to address the need for greater flexibility and speed. To meet the need, there’s a growing trend towards equipping robots with vision systems. Vision significantly reduces the cost of fixturing and collating, and increases the customer’s ability to change to a new product quickly.

FANUC robotics recently introduced the M-6iB/6S solution arm robot. The Solution Arm is the latest member of the popular M-6iB/6S robot series, which offers several model variations and enhanced performance options to meet the needs of customers with high speed, light weight applications for assembly, part transfer, picking and packing.

FANUC robotics unique Solution Arm offers a revolutionary method of solving the routing of air lines and electrical connections to the end of arm tool.

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