The Lego prosthetic arm that kids can hack themselves

Carlos Arturo Torres has created a modular system that lets kids customise and programme their own prosthetics – and Lego is only the starting point in the future of toy-based body parts

The amount of time kids spend with their favourite toys, it might sometimes seem as if they have them grafted on to the end of their arms. Soon, this could well be the case, thanks to designs for Lego prosthetics that allow everything from a mechanical digger to a laser-firing spaceship to be screwed on to the end of a child’s limb.

The work of Chicago-based Colombian designer, Carlos Arturo Torres, Iko is a modular system that allows children to customise their own prosthetics with the ease of clicking together plastic bricks. The only limit is their imagination – and what they can find at the bottom of the Lego box.

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