Robotic Arm to Help Our Job

It seems that all people are too lazy to wash the dishes. Even though nowadays we have a dish washing machine, but the activity still make us too lazy to get up from the couch. Isn’t it cool if we have a servant robot that can help us with the dishes and dirty clothes? Well actually it is no longer a fantasy because nowadays we can start to build our own robot to help us with the cleaning or other home works.

Robotic arm kits are the answers. This type of robot is able to imitate human’s arm movement so it will be able to help us finish the home works. The robot has five movement axis and we can control it through the remote control. The robot is able to move its wrist for 120 degrees. It can do several movements like rotating, moving vertically and horizontally, lifting, and many others. Robotic arm kits can be so beneficial to help our job.

Some features that we will need to build our own robotic arm kits are robot body, axes and motors, remote control, LED light, batteries and some others. The robot can be so simple, but it can be quite complicated as well. It depends on our need and skill.

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