Benefits of a Virtual Instructor

Many publications have demonstrated that computer assisted learning and virtual instruction makes it easier for students to grasp complex concepts, work at their own pace as well as benefit from numerous advantages these technologies offer. In this section we highlight additional benefits when a virtual instructor is coupled with the LEGO Mindstorm NXT software interface.

A methodology for solving robotic problems
Most students have no general method to solve robotic problems. Many textbooks fail to have a systematic approach to breaking down a robotic problem and finding a solution. They usually stress mechanical or engineering concepts while other textbooks teach programming. The NXT software combines the graphical interface with a systematic approach for solving problems.

First it defines the challenge and demonstrates a successful solution in the challenge brief. A building and programming guide give detail step-by-step instructions to the student. It formalizes an intuitive approach. However, it does not explain what is on the screen nor does it give any descriptions of what to do. The building component fails to explain why certain pieces were selected and not others nor does it give a rationale for its assembly solution.

However, when this graphical interface is utilized in conjunction with a virtual instructor (VI) these minor issues are eliminated. The VI provides additional instruction to the student as well as guides them through the building and programming modules. In addition, the VI provides helpful hints to the individual student during the learning process, provides personalized instruction, and keeps track of where the student is having difficulty.

Immediate Detection and Correction of Errors
The ability for students to understand and learn when they are making mistakes and immediately receive information in order to correct mistakes instantaneously is far more beneficial than trying to correct the mistakes later. The current NXT graphical interface can not detect the procedural tasks students perform or determine whether the procedural steps are correct or not.

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