Lego Robotics for Students

The students will use the Internet to conduct four web quests to introduce them to the world of robotics and robotic construction. The first web quest focuses on what a robot is and how robots are used in the world around them. The second web quest shows students to the world of LEGO Robotics by having them explore creations on LEGO The third web quest leads the students through step-by-step building instructions of their first robot. And in the fourth web quest students follow step-by-step instructions on how to program their robot’s motor to move and stop on time.

Why Robotics?
The LEGO Mindstorms Robotics system gives students the opportunity to have an open-ended hands-on experience with technology in a way that is accessible, grounded in real-world problem solving, and is fun. Most students are familiar playing with LEGO bricks, and this series of introductory LEGO Robotics lessons combines LEGO bricks with the Robolab programming software, and helps build student confidence with technology, as they are able to use old familiar materials in new and exciting ways. The robotics main ideas will be demystified by engaging students in experiences with the basic concepts behind robotics while reinforcing mathematics, science, technology and literacy standards, through these lessons.

Students will be challenged to:
1. Explore what is a robot
2. Explore LEGO Robots made by Mindstorms enthusiasts
3. Construct and program a 1 Motor Car Bot
4. Measure and graph 1 Motor Car Bot's speed
5. Work in cooperative groups
6. Keep an ongoing reflective record of work accomplished

Students are asked to observe technology around them as in their homes, in the art world, and in industry, and bring their observations into their hands-on investigations. Students will use their understandings gained through their observations and investigations to develop, design, and test their own unique robotics project. And through these activities that challenge students to develop their own original solution for each problem presented, the will develop the "out of the box" thinking that is vital for scientific innovation.

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