Function of Simulink File of SCARA Robot

Function (m-file .m or Simulink file .mdl) description as below:
It is permits to open one user interface to simulate the robotics system with or without using Simulink blocks. One graphical representation of the robot SCARA 2dof as well as the possibility to animate it is accessible via this interface. This interface permits also to recover the mouse events. In this case, the mouse will allow you, in the setting of your Lab, to give position set-point (x, y) to be reached by the end-effector.
Defines the positions (xT, yT) of the SCARA end-effector according to its joints coordinates.
Defines the joints coordinates of the SCARA according to the position of its end-effector. The output function gives [Q1, Q2, err] with Q1 the solution when .2>0 (low elbow), Q2 the second solution. To satisfy some constraints linked to the robot workspace one imposes that:
• The position of the end-effector belongs to the working space
• The values of .1 and .2 vary in the robot joint domain (i.e. 0°=.1=180°;
• 180°<.2<180°).
Thus InverseKinematics.m function gives: err(1)=0 if the first solution Q1 is possible and =1 if the solution is not possible, and in the same way err(2) indicates the feasibility of the second solution.
Defines, using simple geometrical construction, the joint coordinates of the SCARA according to the position of its end-effector.
Gives the set-point to follow by the robot end-effector in the work space domain.
Manage all events (click of mouse, pressed button, etc.) of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) window.
Updates the graphical representation of the SCARA robot as well as the display of the joint information and the position of the end-effector.
Simulink model that permits while interfacing it with the programs described above to control the movement of the SCARA in order to follow for example a trajectory.


  1. I am graduate student at AmirKabir university of tech. I really find your Robotics LAB very useful and as long as there is very limited practical source on modelling Scara type robots , would you please let me have your m-files related to your lecture , or if it is possible introduce some reference about modelling and simulation of 2-DOF Scara.
    thank you very much

  2. i cant't see codes(m-files) in this page, please help me


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