Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots

Robots are already known and also help us in every aspect of our life. We are often found autonomous mobile robots in public places or even in the museum. The autonomous mobile robot are often equipped with the artificial intelligent that will make the robot to deal with the possible challenges they will face.

Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robot are emphasizing in the robotics ability to move. There is autonomous mobile robot that is designed to walk the mars surface. Sea is a place that rarely visited by human, while space is already mapped even to the farthest planet but sea are not fully explored. Therefore is a robot that can walk in the depth of the ocean to view what it is like is needed and probably already constructed. In the forestry for example, there is an autonomous mobile robots that can help us to move around inside the forests easily.

These mobile robots sometimes are operated by themselves or operated by an operator from a quite far place. Autonomous mobile robots are surprisingly can be very much helpful and also live saving devices. Through this new invention of autonomous mobile robots it is also brings a new hope in improving human life worth.

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