Build Your Own Humanoid Robots

People probably already know about the Terminator movie that shows you how robots from the future are coming into our time in order to change the course of destiny. To have a robot guardian that look so much like human, probably a chance that nobody will miss. Having one of those robots is quite a dream but we now are able to make those robots in our time though not as sophisticated as we see in the movie.

Robots that have a look like human is called humanoid robot, which is usually they have 6 important parts such as head, torso, two legs, and also arms. Nowadays we can make those robots to our like. In the internet there are many guide books that will help you in building your own humanoid robots. Those books are giving the steps and also the part that are used in building your humanoid robots.

Making your own humanoid robot will cost some, but it is worth to be learned. Nobody said that building a robot would be cheap. Once you are able to have the proper equipment and also the software to make one it is guarantee you will get an addict to build more for your own reasons.

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  1. can u suggest some books or some links regarding this... ?


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