Mobile Robots Inspiration to Implementation

Nowadays, robots are started to be utilized in our daily life. There are many robots that can help us to work in a place that human being is not able to. Several decades ago people are only able to imagine that we are able to build perfect humanoid robots to help our work. Hollywood even already portrayed that imagination through the star wars movie.

There are many robots that are used by several government organizations to help them on their daily activities. Police departments for example, they are using a mobile robots to help them in defusing bombs threat. Using this robot, police officer are able to defuse bombs from a far, thus the officer life is not in danger. There is also a robot that is created to travel in the other planet. NASA is already making a robot that send to mars surface to collect, and relay some images and also data to earth. Military are also using this kind of robots for their activities.

In short there are many kinds of robots that are able to help us in our daily basis life. We are only hopes that these mobile robots are used for better purposes in improving the quality of human life.

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