History of Industrial Robots

Living in the modern era gives us opportunities to do our works using some modern technologies. We have known that nowadays technology has been developed very well. There are many smart and creative people who try to develop technology to help people finish their works. Therefore, we should be happy to live in this modern era with complete modern technologies around us.

I am sure that the term “robot” has been well-known by many people. We sometimes say that robots are the replica of human beings, especially industrial robots. Then, do you know that industrial robots have long history? There are many versions that we can find to describe the history of industrial robots. However, some of them say that robots firstly were only described in a short story. Then, it is described in a novel entitled “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly. Then, a drama entitled “RUR” brought the term “robot” into the society.

After that, many people tried to manufacture robots and one of them was for industry. They wanted to find the best way to finish their work without spending too much time and energy. Finally, there are manufactured so many industrial robots until now. Day by day, the industrial robots are manufactured in various types depend on their functions.

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