Fanuc Robotic Helps to Increase Productivity

Fanuc Robotics developed a ‘factory within a factory’, providing a series of robotic work cells linked through a common part transfer conveyor. The fully automated system incorporated material handling robot model equipped with handling tool and Collision Guard Software, customer gripper and a control interface. The entire system consists of ten consecutives processes linked by a conveyor.

Production quality also was addressed by tracking scrap dollars. During final inspection, each part is examined for dimensional tolerance and cosmetic appearance. Rejects are tagged and then further evaluated to determine how to eliminate inaccuracy. Robotic automation has contributed to a reduction in scrap rates.

The robotic system has helped to reduce total production costs by approximately 25 %. The system is expandable to accommodate additional machines and can easily accommodate new part designs.
Because they choose automation:
• Accurate and consistent part loading
• A reduction in part defects
• Increased productivity – typically 120 pcs per hour
• Improved control and the entire manufacturing system
• Less cost per piece
• Flexibility to meet future production demands

Automation and robotics provide a variety of benefits to the manufacturing community including improved efficiency, better quality, reduce piece price, minimized risk and improved control of operations.

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