History SRI Robots of Small Vision Module and Centibots

SRI has pioneered the art and science of robotic technology for more than 40 years. The application of their robots are including wall-climbing robots, telerobotic surgery, advanced military scout, inspection robots for pipelines and port security, and self organizing, networked robots.

Small Vision Module
In a project cosponsored by Darpa, SRI developed inexpensive, compact, self contained, low powered range sensor for mobile robots and surveillance applications. The small device measures only six cubic inches and combines commercially available components to perform real-time analysis of stereo images in a very small foot print, using very little power. SRI is developing the next generation of the device, which will feature nearly a 600 percent performance improvement.

The Centibots are mobile, coordinated robots that can autonomously and effectively explore, map and survey the interior of unknown building structures. The Centibots marked a milestone in robotics, representing the larges collection (more than 100) to date of coordinated autonomous mobile robots.

These autonomous team robots were designed to augment the situational awareness of human teams – such as crisis response teams – in situations that could pose a threat to the people. Centibots improve upon current robot architectures, which rely on large, power-hungry subsystem for mobility, communication and control, and are limited to only individual or small teams of robots.

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