A Tele-Interface of Robot Probo

Robot Probo can be employed as a tele-interface focusing on entertainment, communication and medical assistance. A touch screen in the v=belly of the robot creates a window to the outside world and opens up a way to implement new and existing computer applications.

Young children have a need for distraction and entertainment, providing them with a robotic user interface (RUI) will extend the possibilities of interactive game playing and include the capability of emotional feedback.

Hospitalized children are sometimes placed in a social isolated environment, strongly reducing the communication with friends and family. The robot can function as the perfect interface to contact other using standard videoconferencing techniques. The eyes of the robot will house the cameras, whereas the screen in the belly will display the image, resulting in the possibility to do interactive video communication.

Medical Assistance
The robot interface can be used by medical staff to make the children easy about medical routines or operation by providing appropriate information via their pal Probo. Probo can accompany the child to comfort it during difficult medical procedures. To unknown environment will be first explored and exanimations. By using predefine scenarios with pictures, video and sound Probo. Can pre-experience, by using its emotions, the medical routine together with the child fear,

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