Robot Programming Systems

Mobile robot researchers face difficulties developing large software system. Mush of the software infrastructure is proprietary, much is necessarily targeted at specific hardware, robot software development kits may be limiting, and there is a lack of open standards to promote collaboration, code reuse and integration.

There is much work on robot programming systems, but little coherence and little focus on the underlying architecture. Themes include client/server based tools, specific methods for producing robot software, for example graphically, reusable software architecture, portable application programming interfaces, hierarchies of classes with attention to their interfaces, fault tolerance, component interaction via a blackboard, mission programming aimed at end users, layer architectures, real time object oriented automation, component based systems for real time programming.

A number of authors describe distributed robot programming systems, including architectures for: the separation of cognitive from reactive robot components, robot planning, components and patterns, distributed development in which workflows are distinguished at three levels: user, system and execution, hybrid models for integrating decision and reactive levels, a layered, object oriented client/server architecture for sensor motor systems.

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