Creating a Teach Point File

Teach points (TPs) define target positions for the robot. A teach point for the RV-2AJ robot consists of 5 values, namely:
1. Cartesian X position
2. Cartesian Y position
3. Cartesian Z position
4. A – wrist rotation A
5. B – wrist rotation B

Hence the Mitsubishi RV-2AJ robot has only 5 degrees of freedom. We know that in general to both position (x, y, z) and orientate (roll, pitch, yaw) an object in space requires SIX degrees of freedom. Therefore this robot, in common with many other industrial robots, has reduced functionality. In practice this does not seriously limit it’s the range of its application.

To teach the robot a new teach-point (TP) position:
• Switch the robot into “Teach pendant mode” and drive the arm to desired target position.
• Once the robot is in its target position open “Tools/TP Editor” from the menu on the PC software.
• Press the right mouse button and choose the option “New Teach Point”.
• Right click on the newly created teach-point and select the option “Learn Robot’s Position”.
• The teach-point can be renamed using the option “Edit Teach Point”. The first letter of the name of the new TP position should be a “P”. e.g. “P1”, “P10”, “PSAVE”.
• Right mouse-click the option save. The Teach Point file is saved to the hard drive. A teach point file must have the extension “.POS”.

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