Moving the Robot of Mitsubishi RV-2AJ

To move the robot two buttons must be pushed, i.e., the button under the teach pendant and the button “STEP/MOVE”. A low beeping sound from the PWM can be heard and the LED “SVO ON” goes green. Stay out of the work space when the servos are on.

The robot can be now moved in joint-space or Cartesian-space (XYZ). For Cartesian space operation press the XYZ button once. The buttons labeled –X, +X, -Y, +Y, -Z, +Z can now be used to move the robot. The buttons labeled –A, +A are to rotate the robot’s end effectors around the end effectors Z axis. The buttons labeled, -B, +B are to rotate the robot’s end effectors around the end effectors.

Pressing the XYZ button at any time displays the position of the end-effectors. To open and close the hand keep the dead-man’s handle pressed, release the “STEP/MOVE” button and keep the “HAND” button pressed instead. To open the hand press “+C” to close it “-C”.

Automatic operation is used to run programs that are stored in the robot controller memory. The program will cycle, i.e. run continuously once started.
Turn the key on the Teach Pendant to DISABLE.
Turn the key on the Controller to AUTO.
Press the “Change Display” button until the status shows “P.xxxxxx”.
Press the “Up” or “Down” button to select program.
Switch on the servos by pressing the “SVO ON” button.
Press “START”.
If the “END” button is pressed, the robot will finish the current program cycle and stop.
If the “STOP” button is pressed, the robot stops immediately.

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