Overview the Robotic Future

• The industry faces many of the same challenges that the personal computer business faced 30 years ago. Because of a lack of common standards and platforms, designers usually have to start from scratch when building their machines.
• Another challenge is enabling robots to quickly sense and react to their environments. Recent decreases in the cost of processing power and sensors are following researchers to tackle these problems.
• Robot builders can also take advantage of new software tools that make it easier to write programs that work with different kinds of hardware. Networks of wireless robots can tap into the power of desktop PCs to handle tasks such as visual recognition and navigation.

The word ROBOT was popularized in 1921 by Czech playwright Karel Capek, but people have envisioned creating robot like devices for thousands of years. In Greek and Roman mythology, the gods of metalwork built mechanical servants made from gold. In the first century A.D, Heron of Alexandria, the great engineer credited with inventing the first steam engine.

Over the past century, anthropomorphic machines have become familiar figures in popular culture through books such as Isaac Asimov I, Robot, movies such as Star Wars and television shows such as Star Trek. The popularity the robots in fiction indicates that people are receptive to the idea that these machines will one day walk among us as helpers and even as companions.

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