The Intelligent Controller Surgical Robotic

The intelligent controller is located on the robot/patient side of the communication link, perform in two critical roles. In the ultimate system for use on actual patients, the intelligent controller will be necessary to provide both an improved level of efficiency and an added measure of safety in the presence of time delay. Both of safety role and the efficiency enhancement role require intelligent behavior.

The requirement for an added element of safety in presence of time delay is quite obvious. Even when the surgeon as well as the various other components of the system are performing perfectly, the existence of prevent delay time the possibility of 100% certainty as to where various tissue will be in relation to the surgical instruments at any given instant in the future. Because the intelligent controller will be proximate to the robot, it will interact with the robot without delay significant, and thereby has the potential to control all robot movement instantaneously. As a last line of defense against the accidental collision possibility between surgical instrument and the patient’s vital organs, the intelligent controller will play ultimately a critical role.

The requirement for improving the level of efficiency over what it would be otherwise in the presence of time delay is also clear. Finishing surgery in a timely manner and preventing unnecessary frustration for the surgeon are always important aims. While it may be true that the delays associated with telerobotic surgery will never allow it to be quite as efficient as proximate robotic surgery, the aim at least must be to make it ultimately as efficient as possible.

We will attempt to apply variety of advanced approaches to machine intelligence in designing effective intelligent controller prototypes although in the course of the research, some basic aspects no need be particularly complex. A fairly effective controller could be based on nothing more than a three-dimensional geometric model of the surgical field combined with a production rule system type.

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