R2 Humanoid Robot Designed by R2D2 Droid

We think that the first important step towards having robots sharing the same environment of human people is to figure out a set of basic behavior that allows a robot to be acceptable by humans. R2 has built a PC based robot capable of moving indoor, on a floor a building. This robot has been designed to be a research platform with a rich set of sensors and only have basic movement abilities. The robot has been designed to have a height comparable with people. It is perceived not like a toy by people interacting with it. R2 has been designed using the popular R2D2 droid from Star Wars saga as an inspiration, though the droid is slightly bigger than original.

The first application for R2 will be to stroll around the floor, helping visitors to find rooms. It will also play the role of bridge between the real world and the internet, virtual world. The several problems that faced by all robot during developing such as robust navigation with collision avoidance, route finding, vision, listening to the environment.

R2 sensors include:
• 6 sensors ultrasonic on the head.
• 24 sensors infrared distributed all around the body.
• 6 sensors light on the head.
• 1 compass equipment
• 1 camera a stereoscopic vision systems.
• 2 stereo audio microphones
• 2 state PCs both software and hardware.
• Signals of Wi-Fi.
• Signals blue tooth
• Voltmeter to check the battery.
• Switches to sense body posture.
Actuators allow the robot movement, head rotation and shape shifting.

The navigation system is structured into three layers, a first reactive layer whose goal is to avoid collisions, when no collisions are to be avoided we rely on compass to decide the direction to follow, it uses Wi-Fi signals from different access points to triangulate an approximate the robot position, to be used to check if a desired has been reached.

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