Commercial Software in Robotic

The ration of commercial software in robotics will increase. Open source will continue to provide support for exotic hardware and implement research algorithms but we hope that in the future there will be an option of obtaining commercially supported software for functionalities of basic robotic.

We would like to show this commercial software supplied in a form which can be integrated using an RSF of one’s choice. The proposed arrangement favors companies selling commercial DA software which is then integrated into competing open source, RSF’s and commercial. An alternative which is less attractive from our point of view is that a company entering the market chooses particular RSF and offers its driver or algorithm as a binary which works with only the RSF. We would prefer that the choice of the RSF just like with other tool, remain with the end user.

We believe that this structure of marketplace is an improvement compared to the one which exist today. The main advantage is in proving the architect of a robotic system with greater flexibility in all design aspects: the operating system, the middleware, the software framework, and the specific driver and algorithm implementations.

Below are the some recommendations:
1. To individual contributors: consider contributing and writing RSF independent code regardless of which project you primarily use.
2. To individual RSS projects: Consider re-factoring the existing DA code and distributing it separately from the CM and RSF code. The project administrators may decide to communicate to the developers that their project is focused on integration of software and all new contributions should be factored accordingly.
3. To all RSS projects as a community: consider the common benefits of robotic project. To be successful of project would require a certain critical mass. The entail significant level of commitment and support from at least s few of the existing RSS projects.

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