Next Robotics Generation in Logistics

In the progress of manufacturing and the processes involving robotics technology historically have been defined by the automotive sector and have been very much driven by price and the need to automate specific tasks particular to large volume manufacturing. The new economy is much less focused on mass manufacturing, however and more concentrated on producing customized products as customer want. The model company is no longer a large entity such as Ford, Chrysler, GM, but small and medium enterprises as for example seen in the Fox Valley or in the suburbs of Chicago. The need in such an economy is more far dependent on higher degrees of adaptation, ease of use and other factors that enable small runs of made to order products. Although the United States has continue to lead the world over the last decade in increasing manufacturing productivity, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to compete with companies in low salaries countries producing the same product using the same tools and processing.

Through the adoption and development of next robotics technology generation and the advancement of a more highly trained workforce, however, it is possible to continue to lead in manufacturing productivity especially in small and medium sized company.

The efficiency logistics process is essential to most aspects of daily lives from mail delivery to the availability of food in grocery stores. Robotics technology is being used to automate the handling of containers at ports in Australia and elsewhere and has the potential to improve the inspection process as well. Once they leave the port or point of origin, the movement of goods usually entails multiple steps. The food distribution from farmers to grocery stores, involves several transportation phases and handling. Next generation robotics technology has the potential to enable greater optimization such as logistics processes and reduce the price of food and other goods by several percents.

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