Robotics Priorities for Manufacturing

Restructuring of US manufacturing is essential to future of economic growth, the creation of new jobs and ensuring competitiveness. This in turn requires investment in basic research, development of new technologies, and integration of the result into systems of manufacturing.

Federal Investment in research in manufacturing can revitalize American manufacturing. Investing a small portion of national resources into a science of cost effective, resource efficient manufacturing would benefit to consumers and support million of workers in this vital sector of the US economy. It will allow economy to flourish even as the ratio of workers to pensioners continuously decreases. Such a research and development program would also benefit the agriculture, healthcare and transportation industry, strengthen national resources in defense, energy, and security. The resulting flurry or research activity would improve greatly the quality and invigorate productivity of manufacturing for the next years.

Robotics is a key of transformative technology that can revolutionize manufacturing. American workers no longer aspire to low level factory jobs and the cost of US workers keeps rising due to insurance and healthcare costs. The next generation of the miniaturized, complex products with short cycles requires assembly adaptability, precision and reliability beyond the skills of human workers even when workers are affordable. Improved robotics and automation in manufacturing will; retain intellectual property and wealth that would go off shore without it; save companies by making them more competitive; provides jobs for developing, training, producing and maintaining the robots; allow factories to employ human-robot teams that leverage each other’s strength and skills e.g. human intelligent and dexterity with robot precision, strength and repeatability; improve working condition and reduce expensive medical problems ; and reduce manufacturing lead time for finished goods, allowing system to be more responsive to changes in retail demand. Indeed defective used of robotics will increase creation of new jobs, improve the quality of these jobs and enhance global competitiveness.

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