EMARO - European Master in Advanced Robotics

The target of this partnership application is to consolidate the European Consortium of EMARO master course with Asian partners. Duration of the partnership is three years. English is the working language in all the partnership institutions. Objectives of EMARO partnership:

• To encourage the European students mobility, scholars and administrators involved in EMARO and to enhance the skills and,
• To make higher the availability of information about EMARO and Erasmus Mundus program showing their attractiveness,
• To organize and coordinate academic exchange, facilitate the transfer of research expertise and teaching methods in advanced robotics between the European and third-country partners, and to offer supplementary specialization courses for all the partners (European and third-country).
• To encourage the basis for future development creation, involving: common curricula and courses/modules; agreements on credit transfer and mutual degree recognition, and reciprocal access to higher education,
• To give European students a challenging to experience a new academic environment and culture. Europe requires engineers and researchers knowing Chinese, Japanese and Thail cultures and economical systems.

Role of third-country institutions:
• Hosting students of European and co-supervising their research work,
• Teaching new courses in European institutions, the courses will be planned in the first three semesters of EMARO Masters program. One course per semester in each European institution.
• Hosting scholars of European, in order to carry out joint research work, to provide courses to local students, and to exchange experience in teaching methods.

Each mobility is scheduled for 3 months, during the fourth semester European Scholars outgoing mobility: First year: 4 scholars will go to partner institutions for 1 month each, Second and third year: 3 scholars will go to partner institutions for 1 month each, and 3 scholars will go to partner institutions for 2 months each, Selection criteria for students: - the selection will be depending on the scientific potential, the research plan of the student, language skills, and motivation. Selection Criteria for scholars: - the selection will be depending on the level of participation in EMARO activities, relevant research achievements, educational experience, motivation, and potential to contribute to the development of the partnership.

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