The Terms Robotics and Industrial Robots

The robots distinction lie somewhere in the sophistication of the programmability of the device – a (NC) milling machine is not an industrial robot. If a device of mechanical can be programmed to perform a wide variety of applications, it is probably an industrial robot. The essential difference between an NC machine and an industrial robot is the versatility of the robot, that it is provided with tools of different types and has a large workspace compared to the volume of the robot itself. The numerically controlled machine is dedicated to a special task, although in a fairly flexible way, which gives a system built after fixed and limited.

The learning and control of industrial robots is not a new science, rather a mixture of “classical fields”. From mechanical engineering, the machine is studied in dynamic and static situations. It means of the spatial mathematics motions can be described. The designing and evaluating Tools algorithms to achieve the desired motion are provided by control theory. Electrical engineering is helpful when designing interfaces and sensors for industrial robots. Last but not least, computer science gives for programming the device to perform a desired task.

The term robotics has presently been defined as the science studying “the intelligent connection of perception to action”. Industrial robotics is a subject concerning robot design, control and applications in industry and the products are now reaching the level of a mature technology. The robotics technology status can be reflected by the definition of a robot originating from the Robot Institute of America.

Most of the organizations recently agree less or more to the definition of industrial robots, formulated by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO.
• Manipulating industrial robot is a controlled automatically, multi-purpose, reprogrammable, manipulative machine with several degrees of freedom, which may be either fixed in place or mobile for use in industrial automation applications.
• Manipulator is a machine, the mechanism of which usually contains of a series of segments jointed or sliding relative to one another, for the purpose of grasping and/or moving objects (pieces or tools) usually in several degrees of freedom.

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