IRC5 Industrial Robot Controller

Fifth generation robot controller Based on more than four decades of robotics experience, the IRC5 sets a new benchmark in the robotics industry. Bringing previous achievements in motion control, flexibility, usability, safety and robustness along, it adds new breakthroughs in modularity, user interface, multi robot control and PC tool support.

Operator safety is the IRC5 central quality, fulfilling all relevant regulations with good measure, as certified by third-party inspections. Electronic position switches add the first touch of a new generation of safety, replacing earlier electro-mechanical solutions, and opening up for flexible and robust cell interlocking. For even more flexible cell safety concepts, e.g. involving collaboration between robot and operator, SafeMove offers a host of useful safety functions.

Motion control
According to advanced dynamic modeling, the IRC5 optimizes the performance of the robot for the physically shortest possible cycle time (QuickMove) and precise path accuracy (TrueMove). The predictable and high performance behavior is delivered automatically together with a speed-independent path, with no tuning required by the programmer.

The IRC5 is available in different variants in order to provide a cost effective solution for every need. The ability to stack modules on top of each other, put them side by side or distributed in the cell is a unique feature, leading to optimization of footprint and cell layout. The panel-mounted version comes without a cabinet, enabling integration in any encapsulation for exceptional compactness or for special environmental requirements.

The FlexPendant is characterized by its clean, color touch screen-based design and 3D joystick for intuitive interaction. Powerful customized application support enables loading of tailormade
applications, e.g. operator screens, thus eliminating the need for a separate operator HMI.

RAPID programming language
It provides the perfect combination of simplicity, flexibility and powerfulness. RAPID is a truly unlimited language with support for well-structured programs, shop floor language and advanced
features. It also incorporates powerful support for many process applications.

The IRC5 compatibles the state-of-the-art field busses for I/O and is a well-behaved node in any plant network. Sensor interface functionality, remote disk access and socket messaging are examples of the many powerful networking features.

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