3D Scorpion Robot Vision Features and Tools

Application areas for 3D machine vision are
• 3D robot vision.
• Volume measurements
• Automotive Part measurements

The following parameters are calculated in the system above: x, y, and z position and corresponding angles and volume: height, depth, and width.

Scorpion 3D can be used with all digital firewire, gigE, USB cameras and the entire range of Sony Smart Cameras.

The most important features and tools are:
• Simple twos step 3D camera calibration using External Reference 3D – it is accurate and easy to use 3D camera calibration. This tool is the basis for all 3D tools.
• Full 3D visualization and 3D types in Scorpion including a 3D geometry method set.
• Measuring object size independent of its position.
• 3DMaMa – an extremely powerful tool to find multiple objects in a 3D point cloud.
• ChangeReference3D – Moves a 2D plane using the 3D camera calibration. In robot vision this removes the need for multiple plane calibrations.
• Locate3D – Fast and accurate location of objects in space – x, y, z – using one, two, three or four cameras.
• ObjectPosition3D – easy location of unknown 3D objects by combining information from multiple cameras.
• MonoPose3D – locates an object in 3D with one camera.
• Retrofit3D Robot vision onto existing solutions without any hardware change – applies when camera is mounted on the robot.

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