Application of Scorpion Robot

The some applications are able to do by Scorpion robot vision as following:
Pick and place system
One successful high precision scorpion robot system was the pick and place system for Ericsson’s logo to be mounted on a mobile telephone. The system was purchased by Mikron’s factory outside Oslo, Norway.

Robot vision inspection
At Electrolux Motor in Sarsborg, Norway, Scorpion is working together with a Rexroth Bosch Scara Robot. The system is verifying the gap of a chainsaw sword with a precision of 0.01 mm. more than 400 measurements are performed on each sword. Each year 1.3 millions sword are automatically inspected.

One cycle consists of the following operations: pick sword, present side one to Scorpion, present side two to Scorpion, Sort swords: defects are placed on left hand side – accepted swords are placed on the right hand side of the robot.

Picking products from a pallet is easy
Scorpion is able to pick rings from a pallet. The green cross indicates the center of the ring. The rings are randomly placed on the pallet and the center of the ring is located within a couple of millimeters. The solution is made with Scorpion Premium and a VGA rewire camera.

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