The Advantage Robot Controlled by Logix Platform

A few of the many advantages to having an entire manufacturing line, including the robot, controlled by the Logix platform, include:
• Streamline design – reduced control components lower overall system costs and help optimize floor space for end users. Further, end users benefit from a more synchronized and efficient production line when machine builders leverage the ability to use common Rockwell Automation products throughput the line, such as I/O, servo drives, motors and safety products.
• Simplified programming – one software package is used to program and configure the robot and the rest of the control system. An extensive library of robotic application adds-on instructions (AOIs) within the RSLogix software make robot integration fast and easy.
• Enhanced performance – with all system control elements residing on the same hardware chassis and the same control architecture, faster communication and data manipulation is possible than with a system that employs multiple controller. This highly synchronized and efficient production line helps companies manufacture and with greater accuracy. Also, integrated control and the ability to use one common hardware and software architecture helps improve machine flexibility and can reduce changeover time, thus helping end users to more easily meet certifications and industry regulations concerning software validation and traceability.

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