Robot Prototyping Framework

According to the condition of the robot process, the cardboard prototyping framework consist of three parameters, they are: CPs (Constant Parameters), APs (Additional parameters), and VPs (Variable Parameters). CPs is unchanged factors throughout the process like styling guidelines, styling concept, and information format. CPs is main factors linking each prototype to a framework systematic. Robot engineers and designers can efficiently approach every types of robot platform during the development process owing CPs. VPs are changed factors within earlier stages and the following stages. Tools, materials and detail information are included in the VPs. Fidelity of prototyping increases from the exchange of the VPs. APs are new supporting factors when starts the next stage. Factors of APs are an actuator for motion and other components standard for structuring. These factors are necessary in manufacturing and prototyping working.

The three types of parameters are the action factors to practice prototyping platform using DPs for mechanical FRs. The designer evolves a prototype from a concept to a final solution through the Robot Cardboard Prototyping System.

There are two cases of the implementation of kinematic cardboard prototyping. First, a styling prototype of high fidelity is suitable in between the conceptual design stage and the hardware platform construction stage. The prototype was easy to produce moderately and comparatively. Designer can improve the speed of production by connecting numerical control (NC) equipment. The robot was built with focus on appearance. Its appearance design is according to the mechanical drawings. Its component frames were designed considering engineering bolting and jointing. Gluing replaces bolting in this prototyping.

Physical prototypes were verified for real volumes and sizes, interference in moving and an array of inside wiring and components. In virtual model, these factors are not easy to evaluate and it is easy to modify forms in this prototype. Components are easy to cut and replace like a real sized clay model.

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