Traditional Robot Prototyping

Form prototyping is a common practice in the early stages of the development process of mechanical engineering. Form prototyping is quick and depends on the new ideas of developers. Developers can construct a real scale form using this prototyping. This prototyping is an effective way for communicating ideas among developers, for instance doll armatures that are the skeletal frames for stop motion animation models and characters.

Pre-supplied and pre-designed mechanical kits are used universally in robot prototyping, starting with a virtual concept model. These kits are also used in mechanical design development that incorporates the hands on activities experience. The robot mechanical kits of worldwide standard are LEGO’s Mindstorms variations. In earlier mechanical concept development stages, a simpler design tool of mechanical like Homby’s was used. Mechanical kit toys such as Meccano are appropriate. LEGO, K’NEX, Erector Set, Fish Ertechnik, Robotix and Capsela have advantage in training in the developers of robots structure. A simple assembly kit using a notebook computer was developed in recent years. These robot kits consists functional modules and by mixing these modules we can increase the robots functions.

Ready-made robots are used in artificial intelligent (AI) research-related or software development as service robots. Some developers of robot can fine tune a ready made robot to meet their goals. Robot kits are ideal for robot developers who do not like the aspects of construction robotics, but instead want to concentrate on programming or electronics. These developers prefer O WIKITS and MOVITS which are precision made miniature robots in kit form.

Having a cardboard prototype body is an effective method for fast prototyping of robot. This is an effective technique for prototyping of robot, through it does not a produce a sturdy prototype. It is an advantage to constantly replace and rip out parts with slightly improved alternatives. It is possible to make cardboard products that have sufficient compressive strength to carry structural loads.

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