Roomba the Simpler Robots

Robots are complex machines and significant technical knowledge and skill are needed to control them. While simpler robots exist, for example the Roomba vacuuming robot from iRobot., in these cases the robots are specifically designed for a single application and the control method reflects this simplicity. The Roomba robot’s control panel allows a user to select different room sizes and to start the vacuuming process with a single button push.

However, most robots do not have simple interfaces and are not targeted side’s single, simple function such as vacuuming floors. Most robots have complex interfaces, usually involving a text-based programming language with few high-level abstractions. While the average user will not want to program their robot at a low level, a system is needed that provides the required level of user control over the robot’s tasks.

Robots are becoming more powerful, with more sensors, more intelligence, and cheaper components. As a result robots are moving out of controlled industrial environments such as homes, hospitals and workplaces where they perform tasks ranging from delivery services to entertainment. It is this increase in the exposure of robots to unskilled people that requires robots to become easier to program and manage it.

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